Aotc resto sham / disc priest lf ce focused guild!

Hello! As the title states I am looking for a guild that is Cutting Edge focused and wanting to push for it each tier. I have a long history of pushing end game content at a high end lvl dating back to Vanilla. I know the mindset and dedication it takes to be a top tier raider.

I can raid any day after 10PM EST (9PM CST or 7PM PST). I cannot raid any earlier due to work, but not wanting to go really late at night if possible.

I can play my Resto Shaman or Disc Priest. Whatever the guild prefers/needs.
I also prefer to stay Horde but will consider Alliance for the right guild!

The most important factor for me when choosing a guild is the social aspect. I am looking for a permanent home. I want a guild that is very social, I’m tired of guilds that only log on for raid and never speak to each other outside of it. So hoping to find a guild that hangs out in discord just to chat, runs m+ together, and many other things.

The best way to contact me would be through Bnet or Discord. Hope to hear from you!

Hello Caboose!

a horde guild on the server Hyjal. We raid Tue/Thur from 10:30-1:30am EST (7:30-10:30pm PST) with an optional Sunday raid. Currently we are 2/10M and 10/10H with CE last tier in Nya. We are in search of a Disc Priest to help strengthen the team. The guild has been around since 2006 and raided in every tier. We also do off night activities from in-game events to other games together. As well as a handful of us doing keys during the week. I’d love to chat some more with you and get some info. Feel free to add my btag @ Delgalo#1485


Yo! We’ve got a Core Healer spot in our Mythic Team.

We’re 8/10H and Horde on Illidan, and will have AotC this week. We raid 9 PM PST to Midnight PST on Th/F. M+ and PvP on other nights.

Add me on BNet @ B00t5#1776 to chat more.

Hey Caboose,

We’re looking for a solid healer to round out our team.

We’re 5/10M currently,

We raid T W TH 10-1East

Message me on discord, or check out my recruitment post for more info.


Hope to talk to you soon.

Hello there, our times work perfectly for what you’re looking for. I was going to add you but I didn’t see any contact information.

I’m Syoki and I’m the recruitment officer for Good Game of Mal’Ganis Horde. We’re 2/10M (10/10H) and raid Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 9:00PM-12:00AM CST (ST).

We, as a raid group, have been playing together since the end of Wrath and have always fully cleared progression with Cutting Edge. We’ve recently made the move to Mal’Ganis, horde, after over a decade of being Alliance (Kel’Thuzad and Stormrage).

We find the only thing that keeps us playing is those in which we’ve played with for a long time. We consider our guild a family. A large, dysfunctional, family. We are currently finalizing the right CE team to take on Shadowlands and would love to talk to you about joining our band of miscreants. :slight_smile:

Feel free to read through the spam below and add my Real ID or Discord if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you! If not, best of luck in your guild search and in the Shadowlands!

Syoki the Insane
(BNet: Nyoki#11232, Discord: Nyoki#8886)