AoTC+ Guild LF Long Term Healer & Tank!

Hi there,

Undying Resolution - Alliance side Elune is looking for a long term Healer & Tank!

If you’re a healer looking for a forever home, or just a new home, some things to know about us:

  • AoTC+ focused, achieved every tier stretching back 10 years.
  • We don’t stop raiding except for short breaks before new patches. We continue to progress through Mythic content as far as we can.
  • Stable, established guild under original management since 2010.
  • Wed/Thur 8-11pm EST raid times.
  • M+ Groups of various key levels run Friday/Saturday/Monday at similar times.
  • Not a bench spot
  • Virtually drama free, non toxic environment owing to predominately 30+ working adult crowd with a mix of guys & gals, married couples, long term couples etc.
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly - You do you and have fun playing with our group, we don’t care and have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind.
  • Lady friendly - Of the guilds 5 officers, 2 are female including the Co-GM.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Bnet: Ranico#1430
Disc: Ranico#0303

How often can you find a guild that’s been around as long as us!

We are a pretty laid back guild, come check us out with this week’s heroic run.

This is accurate. I’m typing this while laid back in my chair.

Still looking for a few good folks!

What if they’re evil folks, can they still be considered?

Friendly nudge from a former member during the Siege of Org days (Remy). Best of luck!

Hey, I remember you! How’ve ya been?