AOTC Guild 9/9H ASC LF DH, WW, Mage & Lock

Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm EST

Moted is an AOTC guild focused on clearing AOTC each tier, and then pushing as much mythic content as we can. We are a chill group of players who have some extensive CE experience (World top 100) but we’re looking for something more relaxed. We have a lot of fun during raid and encourage each other during the harder fights. We do not tolerate toxicity or negativity. Wiping is frustrating as is and we do not need negative attitudes bringing down team morale

Where we aren’t a Mythic+ focused guild, we do love running dungeons on off nights. We try and ensure all members get the required amount of mythics done to get a high ilvl piece in their Great Vault. This is an easy source of loot and it is expected that all main raiders complete the minimum required keys for maximum loot options.

We provide all major needs for our raiders. This includes Vantus runes/Augment runes, cauldrons and health/dps pots. We also provide raid guild repairs for all raiders. That being said, we do still expect all raiders zone in with personals. We understand that some classes preferred food may not be from feasts. We will still provide those feast stacks but those are first come first serve each week.

We expect each raider to watch videos/do research on boss fights preparing themselves. We will provide links in discord but it is each raiders responsibility to view those before a fight.

What we need for DF:




WW Monk

Ranged: HIGH:

Open to any other classes as well

All exceptional players welcome to apply!

If we look like a good fit for what you’re looking for, let’s chat!

(Preferred) Discord: Jaystir#1204, Bnet: Jaystir#1960
(Preferred) Discord: Aidy#7495, Bnet: Aidy#11206

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Still could use a couple people. Ret paly, Rogue, Warlock, Shadow…

LFM Rogue/Ret/Shadow?

Looking for a few more still!

Would still take a ret with holy OS, a rogue, and a range or two? boomy/shadow etc =D

Shadow? maybe a rogue?(don’t tell Rikkin!)

Rogues, maybe a boomkin!

Boomkin, maybe a rogue!

Bnet request sent guild I was in just went belly up jas89tta#1623

Hitting Mythic after heroic clear tonight! looking for a strong boomkin and shadow priest to add to the roster!

Looking for a boomkin! fresh clear on heroic Tuesday, come try out!

Still looking for a boomkin & mage

Mage and boomkin availabilities!

Still have spots for range(mage / boomkin / spriest)

Spots for range!

Still have dps spots for range!

Range spots available!

Still looking for some range DPS

LF Range pls :wink:

Still need a couple range dps! Mage, Boomkin. Will consider others!