AOTC Guild 1/9M, 9/9H Amirdrassil LF Raiders

WTB ranged! Come raid with us :smiley:

If you’re ranged, we are looking for you!

Range wanted!

1 night farm clears, range wanted!

Coming up on farm night!

Your times are perfect for us. Do you need a resto druid and a ret pally by chance?

I was told to bump this thread. Also we are looking for a few more DPS for Mythic Ashvane prog!

Still looking for great people! 1 or 2 for mythic!

Still looking for some ranged for our mythic push!

Could still take 1 or 2 more dps

We’re not opposed to 1 or 2 more solid AF players! hit us up!

Would consider exceptional applicants only!

Will accept 1 damage dealing DH with solid logs.

Could use a good warrior!

Would consider 1-2 strong melee damage classes(Rogue, DK, Warrior) Add Aidy or myself

Looking for a strong war/DK/rogue Add someone and come get free loots!

Bump for some warrior love!

Could use a rogue!

How about a 468 dh?

Add me on discord and let’s chat :slight_smile: