AoE during leveling

I am leveling a MM hunter and I get barrage at lvl 25 (and only if I pick that talent) and multi shot at lvl 29. I am getting a lot of multi spawn mobs happening and I really think AoE needs to come a lot sooner, like at lvl 12 or so.

Pretty sure we get AoE abilities currently sooner than lvl 50. Appears multi shot currently available at lvl 18 but can’t check in game for this.

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Do you know if this happening with all classes?

I am agree that AoE abilities should be accessible earlier in the leveling or dungeons will be a drag!

PD: You mispelled the xpac name on the title. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No that is the only class I have tried. I am leveling as a new player in the BfA expansion but I agree confusing title. The quests in Kul Tiras are particularly bad without AoE.

I checked my druid that I started and feral doesn’t get Swipe until lvl 22 which again is too late but Balance appears to get Starfire right away at lvl 10 and Starfall at lvl 34.

This hunter I am leveling is managing to make it through by using feign death and because hunters are so overpowered right now, plus I am getting lvl 58 gear by mistake which I probably shouldn’t be equipping but I wasn’t really intending on testing the actual class, rather the questing. But that druid I was leveling probably is going to struggle a lot.

Starfire is a new AoE spell I believe, don’t normally play balance

Mages get AoE at lvl 6 - arcane explosion - blizzard at lvl 18 frost, flamestrike lvl 20.