Anyone's characters missing this morning?

Rip the peeps in Old Blanchy.

thanks for the info… i hadnt played in a while and decided to log in today… was unaware of the server mergers…but thanks for the info


Earthfury wasnt supposed to get merged anyway. So even if you kept up to date on blue posts, it wouldnt have helped.


I recommend asking for game time compensation from customer service. Whether you’ll get it or not, who knows, Blizzard isn’t big on customer service. But it’s worth a shot and something you deserve. (And more, frankly.) Genuinely, best of luck to you, and I hope you can play again sooner rather than later.

I really got ahead of our engineers on this one. Earthfury may be offline for several more hours.

But it will be back to normal.


Don’t mean to be rude, and hope its not taken that way, but this is ridiculous…


Thats good to know that it will be back at least.

*Noting for clarity: The list has been revised and Earthfury is no longer on the consolidated realms list.


Hey Kaivax, great job so far! Now can you do me a solid and go back to those engineers you just spoke with and ask them to start working on adding RDF? Thanks homie!


It never was. Unless they edited it today, and then removed it.

It was. They posted an incorrect list today and then edited it.

Thank you so much Kaivax! You’ve been really amazing with all of this!


My toons have gone too. There were on Netherwind server and should be on Sulfuras but they arent.


2 of my characters are gone and nowhere to be found…

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I literally just resubbed to xfer my characters to Faerlina where my guild went and had no idea about these mergers. I had a heart attack when I logged in and saw nothing.

I resubbed a day before or so and got no notification of a forced server merge; to try and log in today to a character that is in “limbo” is pretty upsetting. Will there be any compensation for time lost or is my subscription fee just being wasted away?


This is why we meme on yall

There was a post for you to select a new server for the last 2 months. At this point they are picking for you.

No… The information has been out for months now.

Maybe, but they certainly didn’t make it clear from the launcher or tell you when you resub. Most people do not go seeking out scraps of information that they don’t know exists on the game they’re not currently playing. Perfectly reasonable that they resubbed expecting their characters to simply be there as they always are, and now they’re not, and now they’re screwed out of their game time until they get them back.

Absolutely deserving of compensation.