Anyone soloing Shadow Lands N-H-M yet?

Lfr is fairly easy, at least for CN. Curious if I have a chance at Sylvanas for the bow for the transmog (or even the mount from the 9).

Sucks that bfa has instakill mechanics on the raids.

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So much for the two-xpac rule.

The BFA raids arent difficult. But Uldir and BoD both have a boss that cant be soloed. Oppulance requires you going down the passages. And Uldir, you drop into a pit and are mind controlled killed instantly with pet out or not. But up to those points, it isnt difficult. I havent tried Nyolatha since I think you still need the cloak. Mine is only lvl 4 or 5, so I never even tried it outside of LFR when it was live content. And only one or 2 times.

CN is a cakewalk, except for Kael’thas. That’s a difficult one due to the healing needed. So that’s a road block. I havent even tried LFR Torghast (I cant remember the name right now). The Terragrue requires specific powers to be doable. That is a pain

i havent solod lfr sanctum but sepulcher was very easy to solo on lfr. nathria mythic I hit a wall at SLG. Doubt mythic sepulcher is soloable (or atleast not easily solod) but its quite easy with a small group but there are some mechs you have to work through

sanctum you can probably solo pretty easily up to heroic but may want some buddies on mythic

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