Anyone else

not want the trading post monthly rewards added to their collection automatically?

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Nope since even if I won’t use them, I don’t mind.


Why wouldnt you?


Not a thing that bothers me. Saves me a half a second to have to click a cosmetic button and the stuff thankfully doesn’t get dumped in my bags.

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It’s much better that they’re automatically added. Because if people accidentally forget to click to add or destroy them, etc, that makes more work for GMs. And once the month is over and that stuff is gone, there’s always the possibility that those items can’t be restored to people.

There are addons that can hide items and there are filters in game.


Why wouldn’t they, there’s zero benefit on that not happening

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because the reward for this month is super barf ugly 'n i dont want it lol
it’s just not for me (:

I accidently got all the things done for this month so… guess i can never collect anymore tenders @_@

Sorry but I would have to disagree.

It is not good that the items are automatically added to our transmog interface because they clutter up the list of available and completed sets.

It really needs to be changed.

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It seems better than cluttering up limited bag/bank space though. Unless you’re suggesting you leave it in the chest an indefinite amount of time until it is manually procured by the player on a toon.

In which case, I suspect we’re back to the beginning of my post.

I’ve found good success by favoriting certain mog appearances I like.

suggesting to add it to my bags as an item so if it’s not to my liking i can delete it instead 'n continue to collect tenders going forward~

Edit: ORrr just leme have a pop up keep or delete when you access the chest~

Well, there is that. I’m tracking

Then hide it. I just found out today after someone else made a thread and threw a hissy fit over it that Better Wardrobe and Transmog does the following on right click:

Better you do things yourself than massive amounts of tickets.


i’m cool with leaving it in the chest and never getting more tenders >.> it’s just bday month is coming up n if there is something cool idk if i can get it heh o_o

edit:~ That’s the best thing ever! you rock !
: D
tysm :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

YAY BIRTHDAY! Mine isn’t until April.

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woo !! bday partaaay!
mines in may
:dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :dracthyr_yay_animated: :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

happy soon-ish bday! :birthday:

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Thanks, you too! :dracthyr_heart:

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I just wish you could remove it from the set tab.
Or at least banish it to the bottom of the list.
I dont want a fairy princess outfit at the top either XD


It looks really stupid on a Kul Tiran druid. I wish there was some sort of option, like getting extra tokens on months the monthly reward is butt ugly.


You can just

Not use it

You can with Better Wardrobe.