Anyone else think there is LESS people playing than expected?

When i reserved my name there is only a few servers. Like kinda disappointing that is all? Doesn’t seem like they expect or there will be that many people playing.

nope, all the tbc guildys i know are pumped. if anything i think its underhyped

This is vanilla fresh minus all the retail tourists that plagued classic vanilla in 2019, it’s gonna be sweet. Underhyped because vanilla community is 30 year olds not on social media. I believe the 6 NA servers are shaping up nicely for different experiences just from reading around Reddit and the discords.

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F R E S H will always attract people. The fact it’s Blizz sanctioned will, if anything, bring a larger crowd than pservers did. Back when Darrowshire launched in August it had like 4k peak players, which is a ton for a post classic pserver (even if it died rather quickly due to horrendous management). Interest in vanilla is definitely still there, and considering the season is only a year long, it will easily be able to sustain a healthy playerbase.

If you’re looking for a mega server like TBC classic benediction, you probably wont find that here, though.

4k is a lot? Besides acension, every other private server i saw was dead and now most i see is about 2k being generous.

is there not like 10-20k on classic servers?

In all honesty, TBC was not that great of an expansion. Personally, I though Panda was slightly better.

Looking forward to a seasonal classic.

It’s not going to be as hyped as Classic release was however, I think we’ll have a good turn out. The amount of servers is Blizzard showing caution and perhaps some other things behind the scenes will be in play (layering, etc.). I’d rather see smaller servers than spread everyone out all over the place. We’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

Clearly you missed the words immediately after I said it was a lot. I said it was a lot for a post classic server. 10k servers only existed pre classic

They are increasing layering because they learned no one likes dead servers. That is all. Mega servers are better. People like you who want more servers are basically interested in single player mode only.

90% of tbc players are moving over to SoM.


My buddies will switch professions if this is the case. Especially if BL wont be worth as much.

Now I’m the one who mis-read. They aren’t removing the original lotus spawns, they’re just adding BL to other nodes in addition.

Sorry, my bad.

I’ll tell you who doesn’t like mega servers… those people that are actually pve players but roll on a pvp server cause that is what their guild picked. I feel so bad when I stumble on these people. They are just dead, all the time, cause they suck at pvp, and with mega servers there is no safety. Impossible for them to even quest. They try to hide in dungeons, but even then they get dead on dungeon reset. With there being even less servers, the population is going to be insane and these poor people will struggle to make it over level 30, especially with honor being so valuable from day one. With the changes they have made, this is going to be season of PVP for the first 6 months at least. Just dead people everywhere always. If you are truly a pve player and you are rolling on a pvp server cause your buddies said so, you may want to reconsider your buddies. You are just going to be dead all the time.

Doesn’t that usually/only happen in phase 2? like last classic

I’ll be playing myself plan on a troll mage but boy when Wrath classic hits oh boy.

on SoM, pvp ranking and gear is in from day one. So it is going to happen your entire leveling experience. Every turn is going to be pvp. On Classic, even on PVP realms, during phase 1, usually people wouldn’t bother you unless you were competing for quest mobs or harvest nodes. In Phase 2, no where was safe. SO Classic phase 2 is what it is going to be like from the get go on SoM.

oh i see. well… i’m sticking to my pvp server anyway

Good for you. It’s not as bad as how that person is saying it will be. There will be PvP, quite often, yes, as that’s the nature of the server, but it’s not going to be every single step you take you’re dead.

Enjoy the game!

Dumb question, how did you reserve your name? I don’t see any instruction on how to do this.

Open wow classic as normal. select change realm. At the bottom select the season of mastery tab. Select server you want. Make character to reserve name.

PvP servers are overhyped dumpster fires.

With BG’s being available at release, it makes PvP servers even more pointless.