Anyone else not getting rep from dreamseeds, at all? edit found a bug and fixed it? kinda?

my seeds are bugged, not getting rep… dont know what to do.

I planted a seed which bugged out and disappeared and now at that node its like “there is a chest nearby for you to open” and I can’t open it because it doesnt exist.

now seeds dont give me rep at all. I contribute an epic seed and 500 dewdrops. and no rep?

edit: the bug goes like this, you get no rep if you plant (because you dont contribute to seed on the secondary menu) and rep gained is determined by how much you put into the seed.

so if you plant a seed, you get no rep. if you contribute to a seed, but specifically the right side, you get 5rep. and that is boosted by the left side.

I thought it was hotfixed to only 5 per day?

I guess I read it wrong lol.

naw thats not it at all.
i planted an epic seed and maxed out the seed solo. i didnt get rep.
it looks like you only get rep by contributing a seed to the thing, which you can’t do if you plant.

I wasn’t until about an hour or two ago than I was getting 250 I think. Pushed me to renown 8. We were maxing seeds out though and I always put a seed in when possible.

Yesterday they were only giving 20 for some reason.