Anyone else find it painfully hard to farm gold

I’m not sure you understand what playing the victim is. I didn’t do that at all, but okay. It’s hilarious you think you understand that concept yet apply it incorrectly, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. “Swinging”? lol hardly. People were trying to productively offer solutions & i actually thought it was an intriguing topic until he admitted he not only didn’t want solutions & was just trying to find others to complain with. I explained he wasn’t going to get much sympathy since he stated “thanks for being here for me” as if people have some obligation to him when he clearly stated all he wanted to do was complain & have others join in. Many are sick of the incessant negativity on these forums. It’s really quite simple.


“I’m not sure you understand what playing the victim is.”

Yeah I’m not sure you know what negativity is when you come out with negativity. You were playing the victim there. Other people offered constructive comments and you did not. So please bugger off.

Twisting my words isn’t gonna work with me either. That’s all…"

Just a venting post and you came out swinging. But these are just facts.

I run around in the morning and collect herbs. With no black lotus spawns I make at least 40g an hour. I pvp solo a the same time so that keeps it entertaining.

…but can you give me money?

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Or how about quit being disingenuous and post the context of what those replies were actually to, instead of feigning some moral outrage? If understanding was what you were really after, you’d even hear me out but now you’re just being willfully obtuse.

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Same here. I had 2 60s in vanilla and neither had their epic mount until gold fell from the sky in TBC.

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Thats great…lol that still isn’t what playing the victim is. Pretty sure I know what I’m talking about given one of the things I double majored in was Psychology. You just sound silly to me to be honest. Last I checked I wasn’t starting anything with you, but you seem determined.

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You weren’t being constructive from the start while saying he was being negative. Others commented without being negative I wonder how they managed.

“It’s called common sense and caring about how your actions affect others, but I get that isn’t for everyone. Twisting my words isn’t gonna work with me either. That’s all…”

Psst saying people are twisting your words when they’re just stated facts is called playing the victim.

Hm…no, not when they’re actually doing it. Anyone who bothers to actually read what’s been exchanged can see that for themselves. I have a feeling you’ve heard that phrase a time or two tho. What have I stated was not fact? (Also, I love the double standard. OP in fact was swinging but you don’t see me crying about it. That’s okay, tho. But you get on my case, thinking you’re “educating” me on something I’m well versed in. That’s rich. And that’s a fact). Again, there was no “swinging” on my end, regardless of how blunt I was. You, however, keep attacking my character. I don’t like hypocrites much that ignore their own double standards. Moving on…

Edit: And yes, congratulations, he SAID he didn’t want constructive feedback. Now I know you’re being deliberately obtuse.

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Then I think the answer is , “No.” No one else finds it painful to farm because they are not deliberately constraining themselves to one painfully monotonous method like you.

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I abandoned the idea of prioritizing having an epic mount long ago in vanilla.
Basically, it will come when it comes, continue to do what is fun, the coin will eventually add up on it’s own.


Your first comment.

“Thanks, now I don’t have to say it. That’s entirely complaining, you just want to bring more negativity onto the forums along with it. Fabulous. Don’t expect alot of “sympathy”.”

Now tell me how that’s not being negative for no reason? Everyone else was constuctive and he hadn’t said anything before your first comment.

“I’m not really looking for solutions as much as i am some similar experiences.”

“Edit: And yes, congratulations, he SAID he didn’t want constructive feedback. Now I know you’re being deliberately obtuse.”

He asked for similar experiences and you came out saying he was negative when there’s no prior evidence of such. I love how pointing out the irony in complaining about someone being negative while be negative is a character attack.

The dude basically just wanted people to share their experiences and frustrations with farming gold and you jumped down his throat. The facts are the facts.

While i dont have problems gold farming. I do find grinding ranks in team based games intolerable. Not only do the matches tend to go long slso team skill variance is high. While nkt an issue when you are far above the skill of those around you becomes larger and larger the closer you get to your skill level

You literally described yourself as having a short attention span in your post.


I’m having no problem farming

mount money saved up by level 29 after spending a buttload on twink items lol

Yeah I know exactly how you feel. I’ve farmed 2 epic mounts, and it’s really painful trying to farm my third

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yes its something i struggle with. combined type adhd lol but haven’t taken meds for a long time. some things are harder than others. farming raid mats, progression raiding…no problem

I’ve tried farming gold at various times for years. I’ve never found a farm that was fast enough to not be frustrating for me.

Trying to get your level-60 mount in Classic. That’s a ton of gold, in a game that makes it hard to get gold.

If you’re a healer I’d recommend duoing with a geared warrior for strat live or DM E jump runs and split the profits.

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1000g on this toon by mid week 2 via ZF Solo
hit 60 and 1000g on rogue by the mid week 4 via BRD Solo

Was doing about 1000g every 2 days after that til PvP came out.