Anyone else enjoying a hybrid experience?

I have tried a lot of things this patch neither felt ‘just right’ for me.
Not 100% able to fistweave effectively but also ranged felt like it was missing something, some maintenance spells to not spend too much mana.
Enter hybrid, basically fistweaving with essence font and yulon and no faeline.
Have enough ranged firepower to heal in bursts when can’t get in melee due to mechanics or when tank runs around allover the place. Strong AOE with EF + sheilun and ancient teachings to smooth the gaps.
not too bad in pvp either

I also prefer a hybrid build that still plays in melee but has the trade off; less damage out put for no loss of healing if I can’t hit/kick something. It feels like that’s how MW should play imo.

not to mention pug tanks instinctively move away from faline stomp radius

This is so true. They’re like “uh oh sparkly stuff. Better walk out of that!”