Anyone else a little worried for Shadow next patch?

They were super overpowered earlier this season but they are definitely much more in line now, and I’m saying this because I feel like Shadow is generally one of the more fun specs to play vs when its good

But they are nerfing PI, MD, Mind Flay: Insanity(and also Mind Spike: Insanity) and they nerfed their defensives this current patch

All of these nerfs on top of being one of the only casters that has to cast(and basically 1 school, while sure you have mind spike its being made worse with the surge of insanity nerfs) this makes me feel like with current tuning they are going to be pretty bad on patch launch but of course theres still definitely tuning to come

all the shadowpriests players are gonna reroll warlock or mage like s3 slands lmao .

I think they are deleting the class and giving everyone a fully geared mage or lock in its place. Its not gonna be a fun class at the start of the season that is for sure, just have to wait till they over buff it on a patch, so they can nerf it on a later patch.