Any old Skullcrusher players here?

Looking to see if we have any old vanilla Skullcrusher players here.

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ME! I was Tierla on Horde side.

< The Lost Army > which then merged with another guild to make < Unrequited >.

I was part of the HWL crew with Dxss.

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I joined Skullcrusher sometime before TBC. I was originally on Illidan for vanilla launch and then Mugthol.

On Skullcrusher (H), I was in Focus Up with Reman, Lucky Drunks for TBC and part of WotLK, and then Invidious with Bru and company.

Laughing Skull veterino here

This has been my main for most of the time on Skullcrusher since Sept 2005.

I played on Skullcrusher from start to finish of retail. I was in from server launch until late classic.

Name was Rorin/Azgahal.

Meeee! I was horde at the time. Dxss undead rogue :smiley: HWL and everything

Hey hey hey, wassup!

Just got back into playing some on classic, went rogue because…rogue. what uppp?

So as I remember, Dx and Dxss were a father/son team. Which one are you and do you both still play?

I used to play on Skullcrusher. I was in Rage on Horde and Destiny’s Bane on Alliance :slight_smile:

Destinys Bane was and still is Horde on Skullcrusher.

Sorry I was thinking of another guild It’s been what 14 years. I mixed up the guild - it was a DB guild and I guess seeing DB around all the time stuck in my head lol. They broke up sometime in AQ. Then we moved around some went to Immortality - thats when I left for Illidan full time

Yo yo I was Hijacker undead mage in vicious cycle on horde side!