Any new UI Improvements In Next Patch

So did they Fix Name Plates where you can see buffs and debuff’s like Threat Plates or ELVUI for target and party you know things that i would never have to download again if they fixed it and put it in the UI. Because I mean multi billion dollar company getting out classed by the player base on UI development.

Would be great if my freaking MICRO menu was actually micro again.


I just want them to fix the rest of the taint problems, it’s better this patch but I still can’t run any action bar addon without the periodic “blocked action” lockup.


I use Plater and wish this functionality was part of the actual game.

Latest UI improvements from the development notes per most recent PTR build:

Nothing really for QOL IMO so lame they that that name plates and target plates should be the first thing they work on its what you see and interact with the most how they fail at that is so bad.