Any hope for arcane changes in 8.1.5?

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And I mean class/spec changes, that we’ve been waiting for since it got ditched unfinished in beta, not talking about more azerite changes.

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Leaving a support comment

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There have been basically no class changes at all on the PTR so far. I wouldn’t expect any. This class team doesn’t seem to think there are actually problems.

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Likely not. Arcane will still sit dead last in Mythic+ and raiding. Not sure how it is doing in PvP since I don’t really PvP.

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They are too busy designing flashy new spells and effects for the upcoming raids, but adding a new spell for each class is too much work!


I’d honestly just take buffs at this point. I’d like to compete with other dps at the same ilvl.


looks at gutted community team with entire giant feedback reports wiped out when the teams were fired



I’d argue that Arcane was “okay” in Uldir, to put it very mildly. It’s gone from meh to dumpsterfire in BoD. I think it’s a combination of such as to why:
1- Class design. Our mobility is one of the worst. Our cleave is straight up awful. We have long cast times. Our burn phase is in a very small 8 second window that often requires: Potion (if you’re pre/second potting), RoP, Charged Up, Trinket, Arcane Power), PoM… I’ll get to why this is important.
2- BoD. This raid is great. I enjoy it. However, it definitely makes playing Arcane a chore. The amount of target switching, cleave, movement, environmental actions (moving barrels on Jaina/picking up the orb on Gronk), interrupting, immunities, etc… makes interruptions during our burn phase likely/potential to have to cancel AB cast likely. You have to know the fights mechanics and timing very well and even then it’s not guaranteed you’ll not waste a burn phase or a few blasts.
3- Lack of Buffs to compete. Arcane would be fine if it were a tad bit more buffed to account for how crucial even one interruption is to our damage. I feel like we are not scaling to gear as well as other classes. Our Azerite traits are unerwhelming and underperforming (but I won’t complain too much about them—Lord forbid the Nerfbat come out right now for us). We simply do not have the damage output in the current tier to offset what we lack that other classes have: mobility, cleave, multi-target capability, burst that isn’t reliant on a small window that can easily be interrupted due to the fight.

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Idk about that, arcane has the best mobility amongst all other casters.
You’re just playing slipstream instead of shimmer, regular blink on GCD is just bad and outdated in the current mobility levels.


I still can’t believe any spec went live with so few options for just straight-up gameplay. The action bars of an Arcane Mage are shockingly empty.


This is an alt Arcane Mage. I actually have two, and switch up between shimmer and slip on both. But no, compared to other caster specs our mobility in terms of being stationary due to long cast times and constrained usually with RoP when it’s taken does impact our mobility dramatically compared to other specs.


Actually, mages are fairly mobile casters and arcane moreso with chrono shift and shimmer and being able to snapshot dmg with missiles. Arcane burst window is not just 8 seconds - your burst window is your entire mana pool, then after you Evocate you are in your mana conserve phase until you have arc power back up and repeat. Arc can do incredible single target dps and incredible aoe dps if specd into it… But if you spec into pure aoe dps your st will blow. Frost doesn’t have this problem. I think they need to make arcane orb baseline and replace the talent with Mark of aluneth or something… And get rid of time anomaly and put something more interesting there


I would have to disagree. First of all your burst is just in that 8 second window. Your “burn” is the entire course of your mana. However, our main big CD for our burn that puts out that burst is 8 seconds.

Next, people bring up the shimmer argument all the time. That’s all well and good and it terms of sheer mobility Arcane is mobile especially with displacement. However, most specs also aren’t bogged down with two second casts. Also, curious what you do on encounters like our previous tier Taloc when blink was bugged. I’m sure you were feeling so mobile with those two blinks there.

I’ve been playing Arcane Heroic Progression since WoD (not putting that here as ooh ahh bragging type of statement—rather I don’t need you explaining the rotation to me, thanks though, much appreciated lolz). Also, this is my second mage so take its armory with a grain of salt.

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As a former arcane mage that switched to frost a week ago… the difference in numbers is night and day. I had the most optimal arcane rotation strats and the only time my name was at the top was first 15 seconds of a pull. The play style just is not suited for BoD, or Mythic + in general. Now I can play half asleep and do half the mechanics correctly and still out dps my arcane mage in every fight linger then 3 min long

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Arcane could use some serious love in pvp as well.

I know arcane mages have been represented in the recent Arena World Championship tournament but their role is never damage but always harass healers, keep them from drinking, and steal buffs. All 4 AWC commentators repeatedly comment on how bad Arcane pvp damage is in every way and how its a bad strategy for opposing teams to focus on the arcane mage because its leaves the team’s real damage dealer free to cast.

Those are painful things to hear.


Or mages in general? Overall mages are very weak this tier. Outside of our intellect buff, there’s no real reason to have many in raid anymore. The damage just isn’t there.