Any highly active guilds out there running DKP

Very interested.
-highly active
-Willing to help with consumables
-Vanilla experience Onx, ZG, BWL

Im thinking DKP will be the way to go for us . Too much controversy with loot council.

                     [H] Thalnos

Why choose us?

  • Friendly laid back guild, we hope to build friendships
  • Competitive and dedicated but semi casual (everyone’s welcome)
  • Helpful, will make premades to farm gear with guildies
  • Content variety , PvE and PvP
  • We have vanilla experience
  • DKP loot system (point system)

To make everyone feel apart of this from the beginning there will be open guild name suggestions and a vote in discord. I figured it would be better naming once we see all the personalities we have.

Guild Goals:

  • Clear all PvE content including Naxx
  • Help members gear up farming pre raid BiS
  • Establish a strong ecnomy with careful planning
  • Be accomplished PvPers, and create various team strategies
  • Hold world PvP multi guild events

Classes Needed: We currently need offtanks, healers , and dps. PvPers needed.

Times: We would like to raid either on weekdays starting at 6pm or 7pm EST, or weekends in the after noon/evening.

Discord: add GrapeApe#1703
or join _ (remove underscore)


We run a EPGP system which is a more robust version of DKP. Our core group has been together for over 14 years. Our Discord server is very active with guildies eager to dig into Classic. Please check us out!

[H][Whitemane] <TBA> Casual PvE/PvP guild LFM [CST]