Any guilds that actually talk?

Don’t mind my current guild, as I don’t frequently play this toon.

As per the title, are there any Alliance guilds which actually have random chit chats and banter among the members?

I just like to feel a little less lonely while I’m online.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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My guild has people chilling out in D
Disc pretty much every night

Hey Vylken!

I’m the GM of the guild The Legal Bananas on ally Stormrage. We get into disc as often as possible & have random banter almost always! Mostly in the evenings tho! We also dabble in fun activities such as mog/mount farms, pornshire wednesdays & raiding on the weekends! We’re an LGBTQ friendly, 18+ guild seeking more members to be our friends & family!

If you’re interested in learning more, please DM me via discord: Jem#6738

Can’t wait to hear from you! Have an amazing rest of your day!

:heart: / Jem

Hi Vylken, Both Loyal and Loyalty Beyond Blood have chit chat, but the most times players are online is evenings or weekends since many of our members either work, have families or both. During the daytime, we can at times get our seniors, stay at home parents, and college students come online and chat.

Hey! I joined up with one of them with one of my alts!

I have like 40 characters on this server…so you may see me log in and out quite a lot.

Hope to see people online and say hi!