Any guilds on these realms?

Hello! I used to play on these servers back when I started wow. Well I really just touched darrowmere because server merges didn’t happen yet. I was wondering if there were any guilds here and if they’re recruiting?

I play Windrunner/Horde and pretty sure the server is entirely dead on horde side. I have an alliance character that I haven’t logged on yet but I need to try and see.

Hey Bro. Apotheosis has been on Windrunner, which is connected with Darrowmere, and raiding since Vanilla. We’ve got open recruitment for skilled players looking to raid 2-3 nights a week at 7-10pm server. We run on TUE/THU/SUN. It’s been the same raid schedule for 15 years now and we’re also running under the same raid leader. We’re a long standing top guild and are currently AOTC in Heroic Eternal Palace.

If you’re looking for a home with your demon hunter, a class we don’t have a lot of, touch base with Myrla or myself in game. You can also pop into our Discord @ 6VM8rQp if you’d rather go that route.