Any fix for SV hunter MT?

Something is clearly off with the dps check on the last boss. Do I seriously need to farm out old gear? I’m 20% off nearly every time. Getting to the end is easy. No ads getting to the boss. Fighting on the exact edge of the creep.

What am I missing? Food, flasks, pots… doing it all. It’s sad a lot of hunters cheesed the fight and then it gets patched. Now what for the rest of us? This is a joke. Some special trick on the last phase to slow the creep?

I wouldn’t farm anything yet. You might want to read this:

Good to know. Appreciated.

Something is off with some of the fights with some specs. The fact people were able to cheese them early on is just ridiculous. Then to hot fix them and provide so little clarity.

Just stupid.

Yeah, the whole thing is a mess. :confused:

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