Any changes coming to Grateful offerings?

With the changes to quickswapping covenants at a high level renown, as well as the massive stockpiling of anima, it seems kind of counterproductive to keep grafeful offerings as a required currency to purchase many of the transmog items. considering the slow pace you receive them.

Are there any plans to change the grateful offerings system? Or to add more offerings upon completion of more dailies?



Add them to the mission table!


You probs got as much chance as them changing the 1 day CD on old expac transmutes. :unamused:

I wish I knew what would be best here. I have a ton of them on my main but I didn’t see It as being needed to send to alts like Anima. But I can kind of get why people would want that. Bypass the covenant sanctum’s and just buy the outfits.

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Well if you can change covenants freely every day, wouldn’t it be possible to far each covenants versions of the quest to earn them 4 times as fast? Or are they covenant specific.


THIS is a good question.

Because the item “Grateful offering” is the exact same for all 4 Covns.

But that doesn’t mean you can use a stockpile of them from one to another once we get the ability to easy-swap.

Thanks for the suggestion! We do agree that Grateful Offering acquisition could be increased, especially with the upcoming ease of changing covenants. In 9.1.5, we are currently planning to add Grateful Offerings in covenant callings based on the level of the character’s Anima Conductor. The Grateful Offerings would come with the calling rewards at tier 1 and the amount would increase at tiers 2 and 3.

You’ll be able to test this soon on the PTR.


Oh thats a great idea! Glad to hear it (:

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This is actually a great change.


Now all you need to do is make old archaeology zones farmable without having to dig in other areas.

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Fantastic! Good stuff :smiley:

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Now the real question is can you do your anima conductor for max grateful offerings then swap covenants and do those as well?

To double your grateful offerings per day?

This is what I NEED to know, as the necro leather set from grateful offerings is too legit to quit!

And just think. If you are a covenant swapper, you make 4x the offerings if willing to farm

Grateful offerings should be like anima which we can mail to alts after getting that token from oribos


I hope that to be true because there are some cool mounts and tmogs to get and I don’t want to be chained to dailies for the next year of my life anymore than I already am…

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wow, we need this kind of instant feedback and transparency in the pvp forums