Any chance the rep boos gets extended?

I barley got back and not even 120 yet looks like im not ganna make it to use the boost and I haate grinding rep. I would be ok if there wasnt a limit, would much rather hard grind it then do the daily stuff. =\

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The Impressive Influence bonus was a gift that Blizz gave us during these extenuating times when they certainly did not have to, and it has already been active for 3 1/2 weeks. Expecting it to be indefinite is asking a lot considering the buff itself is already unprecedented, and that they have also extended the 100% XP bonus until the release of the 9.0 pre-patch.

As of the posting of this comment there has been no word of the buff being extended past May 18th. Unfortunately, it just seems like you waited too long to take advantage of this particular promotion.

While there hasn’t been any word on the buff being extended, you still have time. I leveled my horde hunter from 110-120 in about 4-5 hours. Leveling in just Vol’dun, I didn’t even complete the zone before hitting max. I also made it to revered with the Vuldunai just by questing. I’ve done just a few world quests since then and I’m at 6k/21k. So while there is at this time 4 days left, you can make a good dent if you’re efficient.

I made it to 120 on Sunday (5/10). I did have all heirlooms except rings. This was not my first 120, it was my 6th, and my 2nd hunter. This was my first Horde character this expansion.

We won’t know if it gets extended unless they say something before Monday, unfortunately. I hope they extend it, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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