Any Chance of Reducing Brew Button Bloat?

TLDR at the bottom

Can we please prune some of this stuff and just add it into stagger or more damage into keg smash or spinning crane kick or give us back our tier set heal or literally anything? I love brew tanking style (used it to get ksm last 2 seasons) but some of these buttons gotta go.

I love having choices to use for every situation, but there’s a little too much choice. We have Diffuse for magic, we have Dampen for physical, we have Purify for Stagger, we have Celestial for physical and magical, we have Fort Brew for physical and stagger, we have Healing Elixer for small heals, we have Expel Harm for small healing.

Those are just off the top of my head and that is ONLY the defense options. Meanwhile DH has Fel Dev for healing/damage, Meta for armor and healing, Demon Spike for physical defense, then they have Soul Fragments to consume for healing.

Brew has way too much, please reduce. I know some people like the “skill” in it but it’s not so much “skill” as it remembering 36 different keybinds. And after all this WE ARE STILL THE SQUISHIEST TANK…

TLDR: Too much buttons 36 keybinds is too much…


Two tricks to halve the number of keybinds needed are help/harm macros and mouseover-on-self macros, which let you double up on keybinds if needed.

Not elegant but it works well enough.


I baked healing elixirs into expel harm with a macro and its been working pretty good. Totally agree tho seems like working RSK into my regular rotation is akward as hell. They just need to combine like 2 spells and it wouldnt be too much


Mistweaver feels eerily similar, in that regard, to me. Just buttons on buttons for who knows what.

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Mind sharing the macro? I’m trying to make one but it doesn’t seem to be working :frowning:

Its basically just cast spell 1 cast spell healing elixirs. They arnt on the GCD

Or just don’t use healing elixir…it hardly heals for anything.

Yea but it’s one of the few self heals we have, off the gcd, and has 2 charges.

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It hardly heals compared to ox. Check your logs post a dungeon. I’m fairly certain it’s not even worth the point.

Healing elixirs is a pretty beefy heal if you get the proc and its not on the GCD. It def is better than things in that row for a free button that can be baked into other spells

I wholeheartedly disagree with this request. I enjoy the rotation as it is. If you want a simpler tank spec, then please go play one of the other simpler tank specs.

It’s not about being simple, as I said before, it is about there is just too much to press for a casual fun experience. If I tell everyone else to count 1 2 3 but then tell you that you have to press 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 that doesn’t make it harder, just takes longer

So I found out there’s some slight nuance here.

What you want to do is something like:

#showtooltip Expel Harm
/cast Expel Harm
/cast Healing Elixir

Namely, in that order since Expel Harm will get a bigger boost from Strength of Spirit.

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Yep thats what my macro is

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Many of the abilities you mention are optional talents, just make a build w/o them if you want.

If you do not take them you lose out on quite a bit of damage, so that is not really something I’ll consider.

That analogy doesn’t even make sense for “remove button bloat” argument.

Dont use those abilities would be better if those abilities werent insanely better than other abilities


We need more buttons to push not less… When they start pruning more abilities we go down a road we don’t want to be on.