Any chance Affliction can PvE with season? No

They need some huge buffs, it’s pretty insane how bad they are at all PvE content. I’m not sure what they could do but currently with all my dots on 4 targets spamming MR, I’m doing half the DPS of other specs in 240 gear compared to 220

According to logs, affliction is currently one of the top specs in M+ very close behind the ones above it (arcane/fire mages and subtlety/outlaw rogues).

If you’re doing poor DPS on four targets it’s because you need to be running StS instead of spamming MR. This is a L2P issue in that scenario.

It’s true that aff is bad right now in most other damage profiles, but it’s so strong in AoE that doesn’t matter. It’s not good in raid, but that’s the whole reason why you should want to play a pure DPS: if one spec is bad for a certain type of content then you’ve got two others that probably aren’t.

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He is talking about PVE, not just M+. Sow the seeds is good only in the perfect scenario, namely only in M+ with the right group that stack mobs, etc.
He is right that doing anything else outside M+ affliction is just terrible. And the Sow the seeds build is just extremely clunky. The cast time is long, you are limited by soulshards, you can’t MOVE or you won’t be able to cast StS for the long casting time… it’s terrible in any and every aspect of it.

Aff is the best warlock spec in M+ right now. Not to say the others are bad…but aff’s aoe is just SO GOOD right now. If you are not pumping in M+ as aff it’s a skill issue 100%. I suggest watching Sjele’s videos on twitch to get the hang of the spec.

Really? Tell me how does affliction perform on M+ bosses please.

Aff is average dps on bosses. It’s not terrible, it’s not great. It’s ridiculous aoe more than makes up for it’s mediocre ST. Take necrotic dagger anima power to help ST damage.

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I’d argue it’s the best mythic+ spec of warlock personally. It’s actually a very good mythic+ spec. You should not use MR on 4 targets you should spam SoC with StS talented as soon as there’s constantly 3+ targets. But the single target damage is terribad so it’s a no go in the raid outside of KT and maybe SRD.

Not that bad honestly. When the fight is short with hero and trinkets the damage is okayish. The problem is very long fights so raid and tyrannical 20+ keys.

warlock in general is bad , it’s laughable how much you do only to be average
and it’s the worse class hands down in pvp ( arena )
most classes can do X2 our dmg smoothly and instantly


Literally this. I’m trying to gear in this season and managed to get in a BG with 215iLVL and a 190 iLVL Arms warrior kept following me and laughing :slightly_frowning_face:

Affliction ST isn’t bad enough to devalue how absolutely obscene it’s AoE is.

It’s a spec you bring to delete adds, while you bring specs that are far more powerful in ST, but not nearly as good in aoe.

This lets them compliment eachother.

But this also relies on the group leaders competence at taking the basic steps of knowing their comp.

The new M+ build is so fun. Shame that ppl have prejudice against Warlocks and basically you can’t get into pugs. MDI is coming and maybe we’ll have a demo of what Warlock Affli’s new build is in dungeons and just then, people lose their class bias

The problem is there’s no such fights in the raid outside of mythic and kt. In heroic raid adds are a complete utter joke right now (outside of KT). They are just there to pad. I would be okay with an aoe focused spec if they would actually make aoe fights in the raid.