Any Alliance PvP guilds worth joining?

I’m an Alliance hunter main that is looking for a PvP guild on any realm. I can’t seem to find alliance that actually PvP. Haven’t played much this xpac, but would love to join a large PvP guild that loves world PvP and does BGs together and stuff. I have a 120 boost to start a toon on a new realm.

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Emerald Dream has a bunch of good PVP guilds.
There’s Lionguard, Ashen Vale, Silverwing Battalion, Salty Sea Doggos, Kill Order, and many more.
Each of these seems to have a different “theme” to it (SSD, for instance, is pirate-themed, from what I’ve seen).
I can’t give you many details, since I play Horde, so most of my interactions with these guilds are going AGAINST them, but you should check em out.
Emerald Dream is an RPPVP server, so be prepared for some RPPVP though.

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All of THESE guilds DONT even do that MUCH of PVP, the postter is LOOKING for LARGE PVP guild, not small.

the correct ANSWER is either Ruin gaming or Cryptids League, these TWO are the best on ALLIANCE tho VERY ZERGY but that’s THE best ALLIANCE has to offer.

No I AM not in either OF THEM, these are just FACTS.

I find IT very very FUNNY that you named worthless alliance GUILDS but FORGOT to mention the TWO LARGE guilds that FARM your community ALL the time.


Why would I list people who run from me?


The Goblin’s point that the RPPVP guilds you mentioned are relatively small is a correct point, though. Personally I prefer smaller guilds like that, but I’m not sure exactly what the original poster is looking for.

Because they aren’t worth joining. OP asked for ones that were. :wink:


the poster ASKED about Large PVP guilds, NON of you GAVE the right answer.

While people HERE are busy answering POSTS based to serve their own agendas or JUST salty, so they RATHER not name or direct PEOPLE the right way.

I PITY some of you.

I guess RUIN and CRYPTID would fall under “and stuff” for the original question.

Being on ED and actively engaged in WPvP I can say that these two Alliance Guilds have some of the best WPvP players (currently playing) that i have come across. They fight really well together.

Dude, why are you obsessed with shadow? Every time I read a thread that he responded to you are right there, mouthing off at him. Chill on the all caps every other word too lol you look insane.

i RESPONDED to the OP with the RIGHT answer when NO one else did.

I SAY how THINGS are, no sugar coating.
Take it OR leave it.

Shadow is just full of LIES and propaganda.

ED is the premier WPvP server, Ruin gets mulched on ED frequently.

OP asked for a guild, not a Zerg.

I lol’d. We waltz right into ED org and Dazar’alor and no one does anything.

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You’re surprised that many players on ED ignore a zerg guild?

I just watched Ruin get mulched by TE not three days ago.

Yeah, where 75 horde couldn’t wipe less than 50 alliance. Too bad the server crashed before we could win the fight.

Sucks when you cause it to happen.


You’re right, it’s us causing it and not the Horde. I forgot that lag and crashes are only caused by one faction.

no horde can crash servers aswell but no one runs to the forums and writes 100 page essays on that, But everyone knows your guild is a known lag fest clown fiesta

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I am anything else of no use to add?

Because it’s your side doing it lol. Your faction conveniently ignores that when you write your diatribes on the forums.

“Everyone knows”, ok Donald Trump.