Any Alliance progression guilds here in Moon Guard?

Greetings everyone. So, once the datamining of Shadowlands content, I decided to give yet another try to BFA, I’ve spend a few weeks now gearing up etc. Recently however, I transferred to Moon Guard due to Emerald Dream being quite dead in the RP department, and I really enjoy RPing as well. So far my month here has been quite nice as I’ve met really great people, but at the same time I wanted to go back to doing some progression content, be it heroic, mythic, focus on raids or M+ or all of the above.

Any recommendations to which I could reach out, I would really appreciate, thanks in advance everyone.

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First Light

uhhhh someone will probably throw more guilds and threads at. Take care.

Well, it seems First Light is Horde now. I will try to contact someone from Edict, though, you know, doubt guilds are recruiting, really, but always worth a try.

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Edict and ATP are the main ones I know of.

www . wowprogress . com/pve/us/moon-guard

Should answer most questions.

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Wow progress dot com is a good site to check for progression raiding guilds on the server; be advised it is being slow lately to update and doesn’t seem to be including all guilds who are currently raiding.

I know that Liege and Order of the Fallen Way have mythic teams but also have heroic progression teams which are working toward aotc; I’m sure there’s other guilds progressing through mythic who have the same set-up. I guess you need to decide if mythic progression is your end goal or if heroic is satisfactory for you. There are indeed fewer mythic progression teams on Moon Guard than other pve-oriented realms, but there’s still plenty of content to be had here.

Finally, if you are looking for a guild that is working toward building their pve team now (for raiding or m+), I’d recommend watching adverts in Trade chat. There’s plenty of guilds looking to do end-of-tier content and preparing to head into Shadowlands. GL/HF

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