Anvil Gaming (9/10m) SoD Ranged DPS

Guild: Anvil Gaming
Faction: Horde
Server: US-Tichondrius
Raid Times: T/W/Th 8pm-11pm PST
Contact: Faelthas#9184
Guild Discord: h ttps:// (remove spaces)

About Us:
We are a New guild formed in Feburary 2021. Our Goal is to make a Wave in the Hardcore Raiding scene. Our Goal is to achieve Cutting Edge every tier and work towards pushing Top 100 US horde Guilds US then Eventually push for Top 100 World. Currently (9/10M) (10/10M,CN)

What we are Looking for:

  • Currently in need of 1-2 more healers (Hpal, Rsham, Rdruid, Disc priest)
  • A Boomkin (High Need)
  • A few DPS with solid logs (high interest in mage)


  • Effective Communication (working mic)
  • Previous CE Raiding Exp or Current Competitive Logs
  • Willingness to push yourself to win!
  • Contribute to the guild environment positively
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Excitement and huge passion for Raiding

To apply, please go to: https:// (remove spaces)

For any questions, please contact Faelthas#9184 (Discord) or join the Discord listed above and message any officer.


Bump lets get sylv down!

Bump! Still recruiting

Bump! Still recruiting

Bumping Again

Bump! Still need ranged DPS

Recruiting more ranged and a healer!

Need more ranged and another healer! Lez goo! P3 time

Bump for Sylvanas Prog. Still need ranged DPS

Bump for the last bit of P3. Still needing some ranged DPS and a DK or Rogue

Bump for killing Sylv Soon! Need a Healer, Some ranged and a Warrior DPS

Sylv Dead!!! Lets recruit some of everything!

LF A Warrior, A DK and a Boomkin!