[Antithesis] | Semi-hardcore |BWL 8/8, MC 10/10, Ony 1/1

We are actively filling our 2nd MC raid group
Rerolls - XFERs welcome!!

Current positions open:

Officer Core: 1 position
Tank: Closed (Exceptional Apps will be considered)
Healers: OPEN

Raid Schedule:
• Tuesday/Thursday - 8pm-11pm EST. (Main Raid)
• Sunday/Monday - Time to be determined. (Raid 2)

Who are we?
• We are base of original Vanilla WoW players who have played with each other within some time span of WoW’s life, coming together for Classic Release.
• Most of us were Mythic Raiders who placed within the top 500 world ranking of our individual class and spec in most raid tiers when we were active. (Predominantly pre-BFA and Uldir) Who have lost their love of current renditions of the game.
• We seek casual and yet serious progression for Classic WoW to rekindle the love we have for the game and to make new friends as we go.
• There are certainly no requirements to be the best of the best here.

Our goal:
We wish to see all raid content completed in a timely manner without the requirement of high execution times. Most of us simply wish to once again fall in love with the game as it was, without the needed stress of high-end parsing in a raid environment that does not seem to matter anymore. We also will have a guild driven PvP scene.

Guild Loot Distribution:
We are using a modified DKP system, with tier on a loot council system. The guild discord has a complete mark up of this with all explanations and channels to speak freely on the matter.

Recruitment needs:
We here at Antithesis wish to be a fair structure using a clear code of conduct. We wish to include recruitment options for the officer core to ensure we have fresh minds in our ranks that will prevent any concerns of a clique.

Contact information:
Kulzuk – GM | Battletag: Kulzuk#1598

Discord: /f3FbUrf