<Antithesis> Casual Raiding 8/10N 2/10H LFM

Antithesis is a casual raiding guild that consists of adult players who have raided together on and off for the past several expansions. We came back to raid in this expansion and completed AOTC Castle Nathria with our core group last patch, and are now looking to do the same in Sanctum of Domination.

We raid twice a week on Friday and Saturday, 8:00-11:00 PM EST.

Our guild is a small, laid back, tight-knit group of people. We are generally focused on having a good time and helping each other out when we’re playing together and progressing at our own pace, but we all have lives outside of WoW and know that that comes first. We’re hoping to round out our roster with people looking for a similar environment and wanting to casually work towards AOTC in SoD! While we are more than capable of getting AOTC, that is not our driving goal - our driving goal is to enjoy ourselves as we raid.

We are looking for more DPS in particular, but if you’re a healer or tank and want to join, we’d love to chat!

When we’re not raiding, many of us can be found online playing alts, doing M+, playing other games (like Overwatch), or just generally chilling. And if we’re not in game, we’re always available on Discord for anyone who wants to run something!

Even if your spec or class isn’t listed, or if you aren’t able to raid all the time, we’re open to any great people that would fit in well in our group.

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to us on battle.net:

Or in game:

Or respond to this post here!


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Still looking for players!

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We’ve got some fresh faces but we could use more! Come join us! Calling all DPS and possibly one healer

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We could still use some more DPS, come join us! We’re fun and laidback, I swear!

Bump! Looking for some more casual raiders to join us in 9.1!

Join us! We’re fun!

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Would you all be interested in a Warlock that would just be returning?

Absolutely! If you’re interested and want to chat some more about what we’re like and what you can expect from the guild, feel free to add me on battle.net (Corvidae#11885) or message me in game on Beauie, and I’m happy to chat!


I added you to Bnet. I will be around to chat later this afternoon early evening if you’ll be around.

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I also added you . Will be back online in a couple hours to talk if your around

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Bump! Come join us!

Updated what we’re looking for, come do some Sanctum of Domination with us!

We’re now 6/10N in Sanctum! Still looking for a Death Knight, Elemental Shaman, or a Rogue, but also open to other classes – come join us!

We’re a lot of fun! Join us!

Looking for a few more to join us – DK, Ele Shaman, and rogues in particular!!

Anyone is welcome to join us! We could use some more to expand our roster a bit

Can’t commit to mythic raiding but still want to raid? Come join our laid back team!