Anti Necro Posting

they’ll still be there to read.
locking isn’t the same thing as deleting.

there’s no value to reviving a thread which has run its natural course.
just because the information in a thread isn’t outdated, doesn’t mean the participants are still watching it a year or so later, waiting to respond to someone quoting them.

history has shown us differently.

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All of your responses are colored by general discussion type forums. I visit forums that are for fixing issues, not discussing how Sylvanas is cute.

If you have new information, reading isn’t enough.

Wrong, contributing new information is beneficial if said information hasn’t been previously contributed. A better way to solve a problem, for instance. Or a different way.

History has shown me differently than your claims, so.

And Blizzard has said they can run each section differently. You seem to be opposed to any autolocking whatsoever.

Only reason I don’t mind necro posts at all is because the forum guidelines promotes it’s search function. You know, instead of making the same topic for the 10000000 time, you can instead find one closely related to what you want and go from there.

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I agree that forum nerco has gotten out of hand since the new forums were implemented. A lot of times you’ll see threads that are over several months ago on the suggested topic tab. I myself have nearly accidentally nerco’ed old threads before realizing the topic outdated due to seeing them on suggested.

They can but do not.

Just reference the old thread

Or just make it even easier and post in the old thread so other people searching don’t have to search for both the old thread AND your new thread for potential newer answers. Crazy, right?

You know what? I have no idea how you can claim to find any old threads that are still relevant when you can’t understand the basic premise of this thread.

We want the rules to be changed so threads are auto-locked after a period of inactivity. That period of inactivity can be different, or not even applied at all, based on the various forum sections.

I personally don’t have a problem with necroing threads but it’s a minority group and a waste of time trying to fight against it lol.

Yeah, you’re not wrong about the waste of time. Some of the people here are hopelessly lost.

“new thread” button solves this concern.
…and from what i’ve seen, linking to an old thread, creates a link within the old thread, which shows that the two threads are related.
the feature exists… might as well use it.

tbh, the search function is pretty useless.

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No, it doesn’t. Because the google search I did to get to the original page doesn’t take me to the new thread. So anybody else searching for the problem will go to the original thread and not the new one. Then they make a new one, and the problem continues forever.

Instead I could’ve just put the updated information in the original thread and now every single person that googles the same problem has all the old information in addition to the updated information all in one convenient location.

I have no idea why this is such a hard concept for you to understand.

I use google search:

[whatever problem I’m having]

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It really seems like they don’t understand that people use google for issues they’re having.

Or the google search could take you to the new thread. You don’t know for sure which one you might get. So without auto-locking, you’d be at risk of necroing an older thread when there’s a newer thread with more relevant information. You can’t just take the first google search result you find as gospel.

And you still haven’t explained why having any auto-locking, with different requirements per forum section, is such a horrible idea that they should never do it. Even though it seems to work just fine over on the EU forums.

Or it couldn’t? Why risk it? In my case, it’s all in one convenient location and there’s no risk of not getting the information you need.

You must be new to how companies handle things like this. They are going to do whatever is easiest for them unless there is resistance.

Right, so you are new then since you believe they’re going to do what they say.

60 days would be better, since there isn’t many issues that people don’t create multiple threads on anyway if the issue is still being discussed. If it isn’t very likely things have changed anyway in that period if they aren’t still being discussed.