Another week has come and gone and NO RACE CHANGE

Title says exactly how a lot of us feel like we were short changed being offered faction change with blizzard being full aware of the fact we would need to pay twice to take advantage of faction change because the idea of playing on the dead side of our realm isnt appealing to anyone so a transfer would follow… to ( for most of us ) a lesser populated realm.
Give us race change stop being disrespectful


dont pretend like blizzard cares enough to read forums they only as they please when they please, allegedly its too hard to offer race change right now per a video a few months back and they are “working on it” sounds like milking faction and transfers like you said above first


money grab - money grab - money grab - youll get race change when faction change money dries up


Lol @ thinking logic would make any sense when it comes to blizzard just reroll or make a new account or something


can someone head over to blizz HQ and tell them how to “fix” this ?


Thankfully i picked my final form, a human warrior back in 2019 these arnt my problems


Blizzard stated months ago that both would not come out at the same time.

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Why are people clamouring so much for race changes though?

they also gave the most pathetic excuse of its too hard we cant re-use the code… that is so hard to believe and what we know from an extensive history of profit company first decisions its more likely like the OP stated it was done this way to get money from faction into transfers and then at a later date get a third round of money from race change

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they already offer faction change which is more “difficult” because it has to change up your reputations and any rep mounts you had need swapping.

I totally agree but that is the excuse they gave and the white knight players on the forums always bring up " they said in the video it wouldnt happen because its difficult and they are working on it" faction change at the end of the day is race change and you could faction change back… its all the the same they have it they just arnt releasing it till they need it


Bro you have race change in the game blizzards way. Faction change alliance, faction change back pick new race.

1-3 more months. Tinfoil says they want to see who went other faction, rode out CD, and went back to original faction as another newer race lol.

other tinfoil says some re-re-converts will be the people who realize the other side “always wins” is crap. Both sides for pvp have some real “winners” lol.

My Be paladin still loses. Just like she did as a human paladin. I can’t be at 2 places at once. I hold LM in some fierce fights…someone ghosted farm/stable and its lost to one rogue/druid. I did what I could, oh well.

Why are you screaming like a five year old?


why didnt you pick the right race at the proper time?


why are you white knighting for blizzard?


takes a month bro and extra $$$ lol be real doofy

Exactly blizzard sees extra $$$

Certainly A orc the troll mage needs a race change, though I imagine a name change could also suffice

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why does it matter why someone else wants race change?

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