Another Tier of Useless Trinkets


Why even have trinkets drop in raid if dungeon and WQ trinkets will always be superior? 370 Balefire Branch from Waycrest beats a 385 from Uldir AND BoD.

(Varrow) #2

It REALLY sucks how freaking horrendous the raid trinkets have been so far in BfA.

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but muh esports


Crest of Paku from Conclave is actually really nice. It procs for resto druid almost constantly, frequently I’ve noticed the proc occurring back to back.

Incandescent Sliver from Opulence is also really nice. It’s basically the same thing as the topaz gem from the encounter, but without the 100 stack proc. Instead it gives you a bit of mastery when you hit 10 stacks. Still very nice crit as long as you’re loosely spread/near other people with the trinket. Which, after practicing with topaz gem on Opulence, is surprisingly easy to accomplish.

However, don’t think that raid gear is always or should be BiS. Ever since they introduced Mythic + it’s not that way anymore. There are so many more ways to get gear.

For example, my BiS weapon is the staff from Temple. :woman_shrugging:


That’s a bit disingenuous.

The problem with raid trinkets isn’t that they’re not BiS - it’s that they are frequently so bad that they’re outclassed by trinkets MANY ilvls down. Getting a trinket off, say, G’huun and finding that your 325 Blue WQ trinket surpasses it is the problem - it’s not that an equal ilvl Mythic+ trinket can merely complete with it.

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I just wanna say crest of paku works out at 130-170 haste, once you factor in proc rate. It’s really, REALLY bad for its ilvl compared to any other “Proc / On use” stat effect. But the fact its a mainstat intellect trinket kind of carries it to always be ‘decent’.

The problem, as marked by Darielle, is that there are “dud” trinkets. And for some reason those trinkets are in raids. Trinkets that try to be cool but just, because of bugs, poor implementation, or drastic under statting, are instead useless.


Now this is what I like to see, a fresh new take on a fresh new idea. Cheers.

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I like Grongs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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385 WQ trinkets are BIS for almost everyone, terrible design


Another expansion of useless content

(Titansqt) #11

It completely reduces the incentive to re-clear raids if our bis drops from pvp, world quests, and m+. Killing the hardest bosses should drop the highest pve gear, I shouldn’t need to be gladiator farming arena for my bis trinket, or running the same m+ without a loot lockout.

(Varrow) #12

Why does an item level 400 Grong’s sim less than an ilvl 355 Fathoms? That 355 Fathoms is only 3% of my damage and a 50 item level upgrade trinket isn’t better than that? OK

Why does the Mekkatorque Engine and Jaina Anchor trinket sim even at item level 400 to a Fathoms?

Why are trinkets in BfA so damn worthless?

(Hasylla) #13

The trinkets in BfA leave me missing the Acrid Catalyst Injector, Unstable Arcanocrystal and various other trinkets from past expansions. Appropriate level versions of those two, tuned for throughput to be inline with the dev’s target, would be a welcome change of pace.

I still have no idea why it takes so long for them to do a tuning pass on trinkets, azerite traits, talents, etc.

(Killswitchx) #14

I agree they are awful. It is consistently bad for two patches now. If they cant balance them even closely might as well just make raid trinkets like arcanocrystal, at least then we know they will be wanted. I dont like the titan forge system but it really feels like a kick in the nuts when your trinket titanforges and still isn’t better than a wq one


Just got a 385 Kimbuls Razor Claw. Details damage meter shows it has lower damage output than a single Gutripper trait. The huge agility boost just made Agility last as a dps additive.
A 390 Kezans Stamped Bigou dropped from Tortollans WQ last week Raidbot sim showed it a dps increase over a 370 Construct Overcharger in a AOE setting so far Nothing can replace a 370 Dooms Wake

(Bertimus) #16

The agi/crit thing from mechatorque is really cool imo. It’s also nice that the on-use effect doesn’t share normal internal cd like other on-use trinkets. Appropriate given it’s function imo since you don’t really have control over the cycling of the buff.

(Varrow) #17

The BoD trinkets have interesting design, or at least decent design. The Mekkatorque strength trinket is pretty fun with the haste and speed. Grong’s has a unique design (even if it’s Draught of Souls 2.0) and even the Jaina trinket is nice for strength users in those multi target situations.

The problem isn’t that they aren’t interesting or cool. IT’S THAT THEY ARE JUST FLAT BAD. Personally I’d like to see all BoD trinkets get a 10-15% boost. It should be exciting to get a raid trinket. So far in BfA there has not been any excitement or sometimes even a desire at all to get a raid trinket because of how poor they’ve been.


I have a 390 Kimbul’s Razor Claw and the damage output from the proc is pathetic. Fathoms proc regularly triples it’s damage output. It sims so high but can’t seem to deliver on the sim’s promise.

(Doppo) #19

What about the healing trinket from the first boss that puts a shield over your group? Anyone know if that’s any good?

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Fixed lmao