Another Squirt Day?

This is the first time I’ve seen two Squirt days in one month.

How well I remember the old days when I had so many pets to level, I’d spend as much of the entire day as I could in my Garrison, leveling pets, with the aid of two pet treats and Squirt. Now, I only had to level ones to bring up to 25.

My go-to strat is the Enchanted Broom/Boneshard one. Brawler once told me there were faster strats, but I still like this one. RNG has never made it fail, it exploits Puzzle’s Coin Toss attack, and Deebs and Tyri never even get to use their abilities before the Broom cleans up (pun intended).

I lowered the Broom on Squirt today.

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And Super Squirt day is finally back for US server after more than a year due to bad timing when Blizzard added more new weekly stuff. March 4 and April 18 are the next 2 Super Squirt days

My to go team is Timeless Mechanical Dragonling, Xu-Fu. and Feline Familiar. 8 or 9 rounds, about 1 minute. The fastest of any team according to Xu-Fu site.

1422 unique pets and half of them are not 25 yet.

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