Another Raider IO Post

(Zóren) #1

Here we go again. I just hate how…

I made a group, got my key, proceeded to boost it, and got smooth runs because I invited a bunch of 1k+ io players.

Can’t believe ppl complain about this addon lol.


Only really big casuals really complain about it. I pushed my key to a 9 this week with ease inviting people who had higher ios and guess what, It worked, because those people proved to know the content they were getting into beforehand. Raider io isn’t bad at all.

(Akston) #3

People with bad rIOs don’t want to play with other people with bad rIOs.

Thats the key issue.


I always check out my groups when I join, a higher key, at least their gear. I can’t count how many groups I’ve joined as a tank and see it’s a guild and they want to carry some super undergeared guildie through a 10. I don’t join pugs to carry people and it’s honeetly insulting if they don’t tell you your carrying someone.

(Zóren) #5

I also have a bad IO (500) ut ppl still join my groups.

But at the same time I tend to not join groups when the lead has a bad IO.


They don’t wanna work

So they just complain and abuse the catch-up mechanics


why would 1k rio people join random solo dps?

(Zóren) #8

Cause it’s a really easy key (think Freehold or Atal) that has gear that they want?


Season just started so everyone is low. I’m at like 200 because I’ve only done an 8. I look at last seasons still to get a gauge.

(Spiçy) #10

People wanted welfare gear and this was the response. There will always be a way for people to weed out those looking for carries. GS,Ilvl, now IO. Blizzard made it necessary


The only people who complain about are the bad players who think their high ilvl welfare gear should give them an instant ticket into groups and play content that they don’t belong in.