Another night full of liars

I hate complaining honestly but FFS I’m so sick of people in LFG saying things just to get invited to a group and not following through with it. I get off work late so I’m forced to play late night essentially I’m not sure if that has something to do with it but last night I get a group going… as always I put “LF TC” in the note. Get a warrior who say’s he will TC… I ask him if he’s comfortable doing that or should I get someone else? He say’s he’s good. Game starts and the guy is awful, mute, and not vocal. GG

2nd and 3rd game same thing, even though I explicitly stated beforehand I can find another TC. Literally these people were already in the group and I wasn’t going to kick them for not TC, I already told them that, yet they still say “Nah, I’m comfortable doing it” then just go mute during the game. Went 0-5 last night and was really pissed off.

Decided to play before work today and went 4-1 and found an awesome TC. Not sure if it’s a mixture of what time I play at with Tuesday maybe being extra sweaty or what but FFS STOP LYING TO GET INTO GROUPS


It’s just the random luck of LFG. You can spend hours making a group, making people link achievements, make them fill out applications and still end up with a trash group.

SoloQ would solve this problem


Yeah I guess man, I understand LFG teams are going to be hit or miss, it’s more the blatant lying about being TC that pisses me off as its arguably the most important role in the BG. I guess I need to start working on TC myself so I don’t need to rely on others but I prefer a DK or Warrior doing it yaknow

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I would have just replaced him after the first game, personally. TC is a pretty vital role, in fact, you really need more than one person who can do it because if your primary dies you’re dead in the water. However, someone stating ‘yes I will TC’ and then not doing it is a no go for me. They can go back to yolo’s or learn to use their mic in someone else’s group in the future.


Brother, I should have clarified. This happened with 3 different people. Of course I kicked them after the game. That’s what makes it even crazier.


Oh yikes. Sorry I just woke up, I probably read it poorly anyway. lol Yeah man, a good TC is invaluable and it’s a craft you come across pretty rarely–unfortunately. Don’t worry though man, you’re building a solid foundation by leading your own groups–may take longer to get where you want, but you’ll be better off than people like me who just join groups in the long run.


Yea it’s hard for me to speak on the situation with out being there. From my exp a TC looks good when he makes a call and something dies. When a group kills everything fast it seems easier to call out what needs to be done. When the games are not going so good and all you are doing is switching targets and nothing is getting killed everyone gets quiet or rage quits.

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Imo there are too many nuances with dps from lfg that try to target call.

If you have never played with the person before you basically have to go teacher mode and fully explain what’s on your mind to them, and even after that you still need to gauge their reaction and response to see if they fully understand what you’re talking about.

Another thing I have noticed is that good tcers will be interactive and vocal when joining discord before the match. Ones that fail will be hesitant and nervous when saying hello.

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It’s all good bro, I appreciate the reply. This is my first RBG season ever really as I quit after WOTLK. I just really love PvP, and tbh I’d almost prefer to join a group like you said you are doing rather than leading but you’re right the experience I’m getting is very solid and I’m becoming more comfortable when going through strats pregame and during the game. Definitely a learning curve

I typically never require anyone specific target call. Because all honesty 1 person can’t see everything. Everyone needs vocality. Not just 1 guy.


Make yourself some macros with something like “/say kill %t” in them (%t inputs the name of your current target) and save yourself some trouble instead of expecting dedicated TCs to give you wins.

A yolo with people using TC macros is often better than a group in voice with a bad TC. Instead of relying on one person to do it, encourage everyone to hit the macro when they see a kill opportunity.

You can no voice pretty high MMR games like this if you have half-competent people; speech bubbles over heads get reactions faster than Kyle stuttering over the pronunciation of a druid named Pushamataha’s name in voice.


You don’t need to see everything as TC. You see priority targets, you see CDs, that’s all you need. All you’re doing is getting everyone on the same target, not micromanaging their damage, healing, and CC.

Everyone in team fight should be seeing those things in the first place or you’ve picked up people who failed the most basic game literacy test.

Lol’d so hard at Pushamataha. I’ve found the best way to do it is just first letter of the name and the class so in this case, P druid, kill P druid, etc.

I don’t really expect one person to do it, I expect it to be a group effort as that really is the clearest path to victory. But first things first, need to find at least 1 person dedicated to TC

Yes and when you have more people watching and talking you have more eyes for when cds are down. Popped. Etc. Designating 1 guy to tcing instead of working as a group doesn’t work great in the long run

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How dare you imply RBG players should develop broader awareness than playing fotm and hard-swapping whatever the local DK says?
It’s like you don’t even want to listen to soundcloud rap with the boys and feel sad between queues!

To be frank, the idea you need a designated TC in RBGs is mostly related to how common it’s always been to carry in the bracket, not because you actually need a TC. You’ve just got a lot of Kyles and Willems supporting their bois on their alts, so there’s a lot of hand-holding within the bracket’s various cliques.


Obviously working as a group is ideal, but it’s still important to have someone designated to TC before the match starts I feel.

Yes, everyone should see them. However, not everyone is going to be on the same target.
Hence, target caller.

You don’t need 9 other people screaming “pally bubbled” and alt tabbing to someone else.
Hence, target caller.

I don’t know how you two can’t understand the role of a target caller lmao.
There are almost always multiple viable targets. When your current target uses a CD or gets an external then you’ll be switching, but if there is no direction then people are going to be split because, ya know, multiple viable targets.

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It’s a lost cause with these 2 thinking that having a TC means you can’t work as a team.