Anonymous feature for /who

I’m all for no changes but social dynamics have already changed. Any member of your faction can know your general location which is a major advantage in pvp.
You can track their raid progress and narrow their location down to gank them.
Admittedly this would probably benefit streamers the most. But in time this mechanic will be abused more once people catch on.

Awhile ago I was leveling on a server and was ganked in tanaris by a horde druid 20 levels higher than me. While my main was flying, naturally I checked my horde side… Saw his location change to thousand needles->feralas->Desolace. Obviously he was doing Mauradon. I showed up with my main and camped him and his group a few times.

Satisfying at the time, obviously this is an abusing mechanic and anyone can use it. An anonymous feature, hiding your general location, would solve most of dirty behavior going on today. Especially when world bosses become a thing.

How did you have both factions on a PVP server in Vanilla?


Is this from that private server you’ve been playing on. You’ve made a couple references to things that won’t be in Classic but you’ve seen them somewhere.

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Gonna be a bit harder to do now.


Most private servers you can have both factions. I realize this isn’t a thing in classic however its easily remedied if you’re willing to get an extra account or borrow a friends account. (something that will be worth it in a competitive setting)

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Stop. Using. Private. Servers. As. References.


“closes door”


I realize the hate that retail players have towards them but you’re a fool if you think that 90% of strategies, metas, and general behavior wont be a thing in classic.

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“I’ll take People Who Want Their Accounts Banned for 500 Alex.”


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I mean, you’ll be able to ask friends or random people on a discord or whatever where X is that play on the same server. You don’t need to be able to do it yourself. Though you could if you had multiple accounts.

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Good luck proving that the person who ganked and caught up to you was using a horde account to spy on you.


They are gonna be in for a rude awakening. Stuff that’s fly by the mods on Pirate Servers won’t fly with the mods on Official servers.

If they did this it’s okay. Because it’s a game. Secondly, they would need another account. If they pay another $15/month to do this, so be it.

Again, Private servers may look and feel like the real thing, but the nitty gritty is all just a guess for them. They don’t have glancing blows, didn’t have the hit rates right, regen is funny sometimes, and oh ya, it’s not the actual game.

It’s also against ToS to play on these servers by the way.


Some one didn’t read up on Angwe. It’s what he did in vanilla, and Blizzard was fine with it.


Maybe people should learn to defend themselves.

Back on Lightshope me and buddies around level 40 managed to camp 60s that decided it would be fun to kill lowbies. Nothing is more demoralizing than having a group of lowbies spitting on your body as you try to resurrect and escape.

Two accounts… If someone wants to pay for a second account just for two factions on the same PvP server… more power to them!

I have not read anything about trial accounts. If this is already been stated good. But; What they need to do is disable trial accounts from playing Classic AT ALL! Not only are trials a PvP problem but a Gold Farming Problem too.


What he’s saying actually happened in retail vanilla. And no, I don’t think this should be changed. He may have only experienced it on private servers but I experienced it on retail too. So stop all this ‘tHis IsNt pRivAte’ nonsense

Okay so then you admit that its an easily abusable mechanic that cannot be proved.

Nah, but I’d surmise 62% of players will utilize 80% of proven false Private Server strats because 90% of them watch those outdated Youtube videos about leveling in Classic, which were based off of 75% Private Server information that has been invalidated.