Announcing GCDTV's 6v6 Tournament Series

GCDTV 6v6 Tournament Series

We will be hosting a series of 6 total (3 NA and 3 EU) 6v6 tournaments throughout the year. The first of which are slated for broadcast towards the end of this month.

We’re excited to showcase these matches on newly redesigned brawl-style 6v6 maps, including: Warsong Gulch, Silvershard Mines, Temple of Kotmogu, and Battle for Gilneas.

To encourage competitiveness and fair play, we’re also pleased to announce that all of our matches will be played out on Blizzard’s Tournament Realm.

More information along with signups can be found on our Battlefy page.

Broadcast Dates:

NA Cup 1: May 25th & 26th
EU Cup 1: May 30th & 31st

EU Cup 2: October 10th and 11th
NA Cup 2: October 12 and 13th

EU Cup 3: October 17th and 18th
NA Cup 3: October 19th and 20th

Please keep in mind the eligibility requirements ( accounts must be in good standing) for access to the Tournament Realm.

Signup today!


Really looking forward to this. I like any chance I get to set my TV to


What a waste of time…


This is pretty cool. RBGs need some spotlight.

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It bothers me a blue replied to this and continues to ignore the requests about vendors or a non twitter statement about twinks.

I’m sorry but a 6v6 tourny topic shouldn’t be what you reply to after months of no contact.


I know right? :joy:

Twinks are pretty irrelevant and no one cares about them, but it seems to me there are far more important matters that are actually relevant to bg-goers/PvPers/etc :thinking:


A tourney is cool.
Too bad most of this is some glorified twitch ad. Even a CM post that is nothing more than an ad link.
Don’t want to watch your twitch nor do I care about it.
That stuff is more harm than good.


Glad to see you still involved Elbareth!
Best of luck with the event!

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Let me just repeat this. Maybe if it’s repeated enough…?


Would be nice if this was implemented in-game as a solo-queue bracket!


Didn’t they address vendors in a Q&A? I want vendors too, but it’s not reasonable to expect them to repeat themselves. Harassing them is likely why they don’t post often.


Their answers are shady and dismissive.

Demanding a clearer answer isn’t harassing. They’ve posted on the BG forums less than a dozen times in the pass decade. They’re already ignoring us.


You’re not wrong there, but they did give one.

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It is interesting that Arena is in this garbage state and nothing said…

And of everything, this is our Blue post of the year. Thank you Kaivax, now go back to hibernation, until next year. :smiley:

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And post of the year goes to…

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Shame on you for posting, Blue guy!

CMs can’t tell you things they’re not approved to tell when it comes to official statements.

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They could , you know, do their jobs as the voice of the developers and get a statement.

Instead they make promises about better communication and don’t follow through.

PvP is completely ignored. Ion and Lore laughed on stream when asked about PvP balance and tuning.

Stop giving CM’s a pass, it’s their job to get answers.


Some CM’s will be competing in this 6v6, sign up floyln and put that money where ur mouth is :eyes: :it: