Anima Disappearing

I have lost 300 Anima whenever I log out. I have around 500 to 550 then when I log out and come back later I have 300 less around 200 to 250. This has happened over three times, maybe more. I am in the Kyrian Covenant. Also, many times when completing a calling there is no reward after completion.

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I am positive that at one point I deposited anima and it dropped from over 1k to under. Not really sure what’s causing the drops as it’s much more than any mission I send out and I haven’t been able to get any of the upgrades to work.


The bug started with the last build,. i had 1400 anima, deposited 300 and was left with 25 lol. I re-rolled it was starting to annoy me, no way to progress my covenant hall, this was with necrolord.

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I am having that problem as well Night Fae covenant. I did notice my anima has split into two places on my currency tab though, so the mission table when you go to use it shows the total.

Some of my willing souls also have two inventories on my currency tab but those won’t combine when you go to use them.

I have a similar problem with my warlock (Night Fae). Whenever I relogged, my anima was always reset to 978. However, whenever I deposit anima, it changes to a different value. I think this second value might be my actual amount, because it started very small, but goes up every time I deposit more anima. It still goes back to 978 whenever I log out and back in, though.

However, even when I got this “second” anima level up to above 1k, I could not upgrade anything at my covenant sanctum. The “Unlock Upgrade” button is lit up, but clicking it does nothing.

Mine is also resetting to 1323 every time I log off, I assume I had that much when whatever is causing it happened. I also have 2 Resevoir Anima, and 2 Willing Soul entries, so I have never been able to get above 3 willing souls either.

Wish mine reset that high haha. Mine resets to 23 no matter how much I put into it

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I have to check it again, but last time it also went back up to about 1500 when I spent a little on the scouting table.

Same here. Haven’t been able to do anything. Whatever goes in resets to 583 after closing the widow. Reported it of course, so hopefully it will get fixed.

The initial leveling through the zones is pretty good, but the end game is not even close to functional let alone ready for release. I hope blizz takes their time to get it right and does not rush shadowlands out the door.

I have been testing to see, and it is, for me at least, a display error. Every time I log in I have 1323 showing, both on the character sheet (twice), and when I look at anything that takes anima to buy. However, if I go to the scouting table and pay for a cheap mission, then it shows what I actually have, minus the cost of the mission. This behind the scenes total is definitely keeping up with the anima I earn, today it was 1820 and that is a few days worth of anima gains, especially since I have spent some on the conduit.

Of course, if the amount that is displayed is too little to pay for anything, then it would not be able to spent and then the total would not be made right, and as I said the amount displayed resets to 1323 every time I log.

I cant even get anima.

Cant see world quests at all

The more confusing thing for me, as far as paying for things, has been the souls. I’m fairly confident that souls that have been used are not being subtracted from the total displayed so while I generally have the anima needed for things, the souls are weekly (from what I can tell) and are what are holding me back.

I agree with you there. I should have had six, but it showed up as two sets of three, which did not add together at the sanctum. I had been trying to hold out to unlock the Queen’s Conservatory, since it took four. In the end, after I noticed that with the last weekly soul quest I still couldn’t do it I unlocked the anima conductor instead.

I still have two sets of three willing souls. So the three I used were not subtracted, and I still don’t have enough to unlock the conservatory. On top of that, I got a quest this week to unlock the conservatory. It seems like when they changed from the three different types of souls to the one that something went wrong, though the anima still shows up as two entries too.

Update for the patch today. It still does the same thing. Logged in with 1323 showing, spent 2k (since I had the 1k to have it let me) and logged out with 800ish. I then logged out and back in to check, and it still shows 1323.