Anima cap increased to 200k

Looks like they just pushed the change, not even waiting for the patch. Seems like they’re trying to get ahead on community feedback, which is a surprisingly nice change of pace.



Fresh from in game.

Next up:


Now I’m waiting to see how long it takes for some players to get to 200k anima and once again ask for Blizzard to remove the cap.


Yup. Checked my bank, and 3 bags full of anima stuff were empty after depositing. YAY!

Symptom and not the cause.

The problem is they’re using anima as a stand in to not reward research.

So it gets handed out at a ratio 3-4 to 1 compared to research. Buying all the conduit upgrades and sockets takes about 100k of research so suddenly we have 400k of anima if were trying to max our toon.

So wave a magic wand, address the symptom and hope we don’t notice why were sick.

All this effort and they can’t simply just make it a currency tab item? Come on yo…


I was wondering why when I logged in and deposited this morning my anima well looked empty despite having 15k anima in it. Well, guess I don’t need to worry so much about my Necrolord anima being full when I next swap back

Does this anima xfer between swapping covenants?
I got ~20k in the bank that I am saving up in case I ever decide to undergo the brain damaging soul grind again.

Will this 200k remain at my original Covenant and not xfer to my new one?
If no, then what’s the point of storing 200k if you got NOTHING to spend it on.

Or is this like covenant-wide reservoir now?
Command Table? lmao

Wow I can do anima quests on 4 of my characters again! Still waiting for the renown to get certain sets.

Awesome! Now let’s get rid of Greatful Offerings too!

Legit, yo. Tired of these expac power items that have so many versions yet do the same thing. Feels like doing house work cleaning up your bags daily.

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They edited the original reply.

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Remember when people lost their minds about not having enough anima to immediately buy all the cosmetics from every covenant in the first patch, and thought they wouldn’t be able to buy them until after SL was over?

Yeah… bout that…