Angerforge population issues

With the Dragonflight prepatch, and general interest dropping off for phase 1 it seems like the realm population has dropped to a critical level. As a casual player who just wants to level, maybe do some heroics of possibly pug a raid later on, it’s a pretty frustrating situation at the moment, but there don’t seem to be many other options.

When I created my character Angerforge was the only open West US pvp server, so I feel like we were pushed into this situation. As it stands there aren’t really any good outs either. Transfers to Skyfury are still locked, so it seems like the options are:

  • Just try and push through it
  • Transfer to a West PvE realm
  • Transfer to a realm in a different subregion
  • Transfer to Whitemane where there is basically no horde, defeating the point of a PvP server.

None of these are particularly great. I don’t blame Blizz for this, the situation with Skyfury queues was untenable. But that seems to have abated now (Skyfury looks to have taken a population hit with Dragonflight prepatch as well).

The situation now is that people on Angerforge are stuck, and there doesn’t seem to be any acknowledgement of this from Blizz. All I’m looking for is at least some indication that Blizz is aware this is a problem and are considering solutions


At least there was some acknowledgement prior to them opening Angerforge…

I think it would make sense to allow Angerforge to transfer to Skyfury (or even just set a date and force Angerforge transfers to Skyfury).


Fair, but that being the case I would have expected them to have a contingency after realizing they did have to open a fresh server.

To me that makes the most sense as well, but I don’t want to preempt other possible solutions.

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I do blame blizzard for this. We knew all along we absolutely DID NOT need 2 pvp fresh servers. Skyfury is the perfect sized server (could use a little more horde) but overall super healthy and perfect. They just had to wait another week or two and it would have been fine. Angerforge is sooooo dead, anyone who took that xfer off of skyfury… yeah huge mistake.

They should 100% merge Angerforge back into Skyfury, sorry to all the people that might lose their names coming back to SF, it is what it is.

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Free Angerforge transfers when? :frowning:

You mean no alliance on whitemane….
It’s basically all horde.

Blizz squarely gets 100% of the blame for this. They told us that they would be “extremely careful” about adding more realms, and then completely screwed us.

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More people would move to another server if they were able to get a free transfer token back to where they came from when things die down. Blizzard knows this but, they want that transfer money.

Are they really to blame for adding it though? It’s the Redditor and wowforum freaks crying about queues on muh fresh that made them cave and add it.

Now those same people are gonna get farmed for $25 each character

I mean don’t get me wrong they should offer free xfers, but the players got what they asked for

You’re right I got those inverted

Things is Skyfury is still locked for transfers right? So even with that sweet cash money we can’t get to the most logical destination.

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