[Angels Envy] Weekend Raiding Guild Looking for Members


Angels Envy is a laid back guild with a social Discord looking to push mythic raiding in 8.3

A 420 ilvl is preferred but we are always happy to help get gear for those that need it. For current raiding we need ranged DPS - Boomkins, Priests, and Warlocks. Any DPS with off spec tank or heals who is a team player would be even better. We also need a consistent full time healer. Healers with off spec tanks or DPS are welcome too.

We are always running mythic dungeons and will use them to help gear out low ilvl players that want to tag along. We like both low and high keys and there are usually enough guildies on at any given time to make those happen regularly. We are alt friendly too!

Most of us are always in Discord to chat and help each other out. We’re usually acting like fools and joking around so you’ll need to have a good sense of humor. We want players that are at least 18 yrs old, no minors and no one easily offended. Just looking for anyone wanting mythic raiding and a good time! :grin:

Reptar20#1281 for invite and info

Raid Schedule:
Friday & Saturday 9pm Server / 10pm Eastern