Anduin is a lame charcter

(Chillmeister) #1

Boring character, no interesting development for years… i do not like anduin… does anybody find manduin interesting or at least not boring and lame.

(Sabbia) #2

I don’t know, personally I think that having a character that actually stays true to their character for years is a breath of fresh air. Usually most of them just go crazy or mustache twirling evil for “reasons.”


I don’t have much attachment to him but I don’t think he’s boring either. I’d be more likely to accuse Tyrande and Malfurion of that since I want to go “yuck” everytime they’re pining for one another in the PCs general vicinity.

Genn is probably my favourite on the Alliance side Vol’Jin was my favourite on Horde now that he’s gone Horde doesn’t really have a leader I particularly like. I did like Saurfang before BFA but not after. If Talanji becomes a fixture after BFA she might become my new favourite so long as they don’t do anything to screw her up.

(Leyami) #4

Every time I see one of these threads, it’s always fills up with posters that claim Anduin is a wimp…and they always seem blissfully unaware of everything he has already done to prove he’s not. Look up a web comic called Son of the Wolf , and actually read it.

(Rabizu) #5

At least he isn’t selling out his own people to the Horde, like our racial leaders to the Alliance.


How so?


Anduin haters don’t know how to read.

(Miriel) #7

I have always liked Anduin. I remember the little boy running around Stormwind Keep asking, “Have you seen my Father?” And the teenager daring to befriend the Horde, wanting diplomacy and a better future for the Races of Azeroth.

I like all the major Lore characters, they are the structure upon which our stories are hinged.

(Caelin) #8

And you think we care why? I mean I didn’t lose a second of sleep last night wonder if you liked an Alliance leader or not.


I don’t think people realize just how strong Anduin is, pretty boys get no love I guess.

(Candela) #10

Indeed. The only interesting thing about him is that he swings the other way.


This made me giggle

(Chillmeister) #12

i did not call him a wimp i said he is a boring predictable character.

(Kneeshooter) #13

It seems to be seen as edgy and stylish to put down Anduin. In fact, I like him a lot. So opinions do differ.


(Avangaline) #14

Lamé is more his style sweetie.


I like him. He’s one of the few characters that hasn’t turned into a bizarro “Jake Skywalker” doppelganger of their former selves in recent years.

(Tymberlea) #16

Unpopular opinion: I think Anduin shows a ton of development, and is emerging as a more genuinely kingly figure than either his father, Varian, or his shadow/fallen counterpart, Arthas.

Varian was an accomplished warrior, but an impatient and reckless statesman, and by insisting on being in the front lines against the Legion on the Broken Shore, cost his kingdom the benefit of his experience and leadership. Sure, he took out that infernal colossus so the airship could escape, but he died doing it.

Anduin likewise knew he had to show himself at the Siege of Lordaeron, where he was able to rally his people from a near rout. But, having been led into a trap and having escaped it by the skin of his teeth, he wisely puts his vassal-king Genn forward as his respresentative in the field, and keeps himself safe thereafter, not from cowardice, but from prudence.

Arthas refused advice, alienated his mentors and counselors, and insisted on shouldering decisions himself. The weight of Stratholme ultimately breaks him, driving him in desperation to Northrend on a doomed quest where he literally becomes the very evil he was meant to oppose.

Anduin takes in ideas and opinions like a sponge, genuinely interested not only in what others think, but why. We initially were shown this quality in Pandaria. But also in his studies under Velen, his correspondence with the Tauren chieftain, Baine, his attentiveness to the more experienced Genn Greymane.

We see it also in his need to personally interview Saurfang, whom he knows only by reputation - particularly his reputation in the opinion of Anduin’s impulsive and violent father. The Lost Honor cinematic is really well done, in this regard, packing a ton of nuanced development into very brief dialog, and two brief encounters.

Anduin knows what his father thought, but also wants - even needs - to make his own evaluation. He goes to the Stockades, personally, and alone, to face a bitterly unhappy Saurfang. He doesn’t swagger or brag or bully. But he also doesn’t flinch at Saurfang’s unbridled rage.

Most tellingly, he doesn’t assume, like both Varian and Arthas did, that he can do it all himself. He admits that the task is larger than he can accomplish alone, judges that Saurfang wants at least in this moment the same thing he does, and trusts the old orc to be resourceful.

He doesn’t have to make a deal with Saurfang. He only has to demonstrate that they can help each other. Then he opens the door, and gets out of the way.

“We’ll be calling up farmers, next,” Genn had said. And, ironically, that is exactly what Saurfang ended up doing, in the cinematic Safe Haven. Anduin didn’t have to say “go find Thrall”. He knew that, given a chance, and hope, Saurfang would make a strategically useful move, better than anything he could devise.

Anduin is in fact a good leader. I hope the Alliance gets to keep him, for a long time. There are virtues more befitting a king than bravado. He personifies them.


Anduin ruined many amazing conflicts with his “let’s all be friends and hug” bs.

(Tymberlea) #18

Thrall isn’t coming back to give Sylvanas a hug.

(Littlefella) #19

I thought he was one of the more human characters in the game. He has been around since he was a kid and over time the writers have actually developed his character pretty well. Time will tell how it continues.

(Leyami) #20

Conversely, you’ll note that I didn’t say you called him a wimp. I said these threads fill up with such claims. However…you should read that free online comic anyway, because it just as clearly shows he’s not boring, either.