Anduin giving the crown of Stormwind to Calia Menethil

It is important to note that World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and its official story and lore do not depict Wrathion and Anduin as a romantic couple. However, one could argue that there are several reasons why they could make a compelling power couple in the game’s canon.

Firstly, both Wrathion and Anduin share a strong sense of compassion and a desire for peace. Wrathion, as the last of the Black Dragonflight, has dedicated his life to protecting Azeroth from the destructive forces of the Old Gods and their agents. Anduin, as the king of Stormwind, has also shown a commitment to protecting his people and working towards a better future for all. Together, they could bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table, and work towards a common goal of creating a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Secondly, a union between the two would also symbolize the unity and cooperation between different races and factions in the game. Wrathion, as a dragon prince, represents a powerful and ancient race that has traditionally been seen as a threat to the other races. Anduin, as a human king, represents the Alliance, one of the main factions in the game. Together, they could help bridge the gap between the different races and factions, and work towards greater cooperation and understanding.

Thirdly, one could argue that the idea of Anduin giving the crown of Stormwind to Calia Menethil, a Forsaken leader, could help unite the Horde and Alliance as one faction under a new undead god queen empress. Calia Menethil, as the leader of the Desolate Council, a Forsaken organization, has shown a desire to unite the Forsaken and bring them back to the Alliance. This could be seen as a powerful symbol of unity and a new era of cooperation between the Horde and Alliance.
In addition to this, it should be noted that monarchy in fantasy can serve as an important storytelling device. It can provide a clear leader for a people, a symbol for the nation, and a clear chain of succession for the story to follow. Monarchy can also serve as a powerful symbol for unity and continuity and it can also serve as a way to give the story a sense of weight and relevance.

In conclusion, while Wrathion and Anduin are not canonically recognized as a romantic couple in World of Warcraft, it’s possible to argue that they could make an interesting and compelling power couple. Their union would symbolize cooperation and unity between different races and factions, and the idea of Anduin giving the crown of Stormwind to Calia Menethil could potentially lead to the unification of the Horde and Alliance as one faction under a new undead god queen empress. Monarchy can be an important storytelling device in fantasy and could potentially serve as an interesting plot point.
It is worth noting that as much as this is a fan fiction idea, the lore and official story of the game do not contain this particular plot.

Why though?

Is the assumption that Anduin can not remain king if he is GLBT? If they were a couple, I dare say Wrathion would want Anduin to keep the crown until it was forced from him.

I guess if Wrathion gave up his claims to the Black Dragonflight, and really wanted to run away with Anduin… but that seems out of character. I think he would love to be the leader of a flight and the partner of a king, instead of just riding off into the sunset.

Calia can not have any more kids. At least until they find an answer for Undead giving live birth… she does not make the line of succession any clearer. It gets more complicated, if she has a child out there, ready to be used to claim Stormwind and Lordaeron. Even just rumors of her kid can be used to muddy the waters.


Yes I’m sure that Anduin running off with Deathwing’s son and leaving his kingdom to be ruled by the Lich King’s sister would be met in-universe with nothing but cheers and smiles from both the power-hunger backstabbing nobles and ignorant peasant mass alike!..

…sigh. This was meant to be sarcasm, but given the way the story we’ve seen so far works…


How about we have another faction war instead and Turalyon takes the crown of Lordaeron after chasing the rotters away to Kalimdor again?

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Plaguehowl turn in your Horde and Forsaken cards right this second.


Or we avoid a faction war and calia stays where she is until the desolate council can arrange a way to be rid of her

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I personally think it’s a stupid idea. Anduin should stay king and single, or marry Taelia and have some babies. And they can play with Thrall’s babies in a heartwarming scene.

Or, hear me out… he should actually marry a draenei girl and give us more /waggle memes.


He marries Yrel and between her and his evil advisor Turalyon sets up a tyranny of light expansion.

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Then the Murlocs from Azmerloth come and save the day! :rofl:


To be honest, let’s just skip the rest of it and focus more on Azmerloth.

Like an entire expansion.


I can get behind that 100%. Be fun to have a expac where Murlocs are the heroes for once :blush:

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Hell no
Anduin needs to stay out of the lore
Well, if some people still expect Wrathion to be gay, he deserves a dragon bf
IMO Long lived races becoming entangled in a mortal is dumb dumb idea :dracthyr_tea:

Not a problem in azmerloth


Humans chase forsaken out, leading to all of their northern EK holdings being extremely lightly guarded

Amani notice this and sneak out of ZA and their other various hideouts and retake the Hinterlands, Arathi, and Hillsbrad.

Humans bail on back to the Southern EK since they couldn’t possibly win being smashed between the two sides

The Amani and Horde come to an extremely tenuous truce over the Amani being incensed over the killing of Rastakhan and their refugees at the hands of the Alliance

As if there is any Amani left that can make a credible threat, and if this was going to happen it should have happened in BFA when we were all at our weakest.

Or the Amani will never let go of their hatred for the blood elves and decide now would be the perfect time to try wiping them out again.

I would argue that the monarchies in WoW really hold the game’s story down. Hell, each race is way too focused on the leaders.

The soul of this game is Orc Vs Human, Horde vs Alliance. Eliminate that and you might as well shut down the game for good.

Saurfang, Jarod Shadowsong, Tirion Fiordring, and several others beg to differ.


I honestly found that concept rather horrific despite the lighthearted example. That you could fracture an entire timeline simply by changing one small detail of the universe is disturbing. No wonder the bronze take their job so seriously.

So the game has had no soul since WC2, and then only sporadically during Cata, MoP, and BFA? That’s sad.