Anduin Fight, what's up?

So our normal raiding team, which is average players with 240-260 gear has been stuck on Anduin for a couple of weeks. We can kill every boss up to Anduin in little over 2 hours, most on the first try but then get stuck on Anduin. The fight seems out-of-proportion with the rest of the raid. I know it’s supposed to be a little more challenging, but it may be a bit over-tuned?

UPDATE: People kept asking for some kind of log, so we recorded it with this thing. Is this useful?
(EDIT: raid log no longer up)


I think your team is just bad unfortunately. That is more than enough for that level of content and that fight. We do it on heroic farm no issues, a few attempts perhaps but that’s about it. This is generally assuming your team is fully up to date on things like double legendary items etc


Yeah well you’re forget one itsy bitsy teeny tiny, but ever so crucial detail, double legendaries. I bet double lengendaries are crucial variable in the anduin fight, I could be wrong though cause I’m filthy casual.

Yes, but not to a degree where a team fully decked out in OPs item level description. On NORMAL nonetheless.


If we’re so bad, then how come we have no trouble with the first 7 bosses?

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In a perfect world? Yes, but this is Blizzard we’re talking about, they’ll find a way to screw up even normals.

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Anduin is the first real pure mechanics check in the raid. It is a fight that makes it pretty apparent who in your group isn’t doing mechanics properly. There is no dps race here after the removal of the third Arthas phase.

There is truly no reason to be stuck on anduin on normal for that long other than a mechanics issue. Your gear more than stomps that boss at the item level you’re describing and I’m assuming most peeps have double legendaries because we’re quite some time into the tier.


True, I don’t think DPS is the problem. It’s just very chaotic and requires an incredible amount of running around. One dumb thing always goes wrong and the fight is done at that point. Someone misses a color-match, someone doesn’t quite get into the half-circle because they had to run someplace else and then they’re short one in the void, etc. So, yes, it’s mechanics but normal raid isn’t supposed to be a major mechanics exercise, is it?

Plus, call me crazy but anduin sure feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels like a final boss by the feeeeeel of the fight. Was he supposed to have his own raid but that got scrapped? I don’t know.


I’m in the same boat. I know for us its getting anduin to 100 percent at least one group always misses the mark and gets about 20 percent instead which is a wipe in the intermission phase.


We’ve gotten past the second split a number of times but usually some folks are dead by then. Splitting the group is definitely a pain. Our normal group has a variety of skill levels in it and normally the better players compensate for the less better ones but when you split the group you never get two equal halves, but you shouldn’t have to in normal, IMO anyway, that’s what Heroic and Mythic levels are for.


This would be correct. The bosses post anduin were supposed to be part of the canned 9.3 raid


Even funnier that Anduin returns to normal in the Mortis campaign before the Jailer’s demise.


240-260 is a crazy range. Clearly a bunch of your raiders need to pick it up and do some keys on off nights. By now my ALT is 277 and he hasn’t stepped foot in mythic raid.

Opps sry that last part was a lie he healed first boss on mythic once.


It’s just very chaotic and requires an incredible amount of running around

It sounds like your tanks may be a potential weak link here. While the fight does require movment it is only really during the downstairs and the add phases. And it is very deliberate movement that should be the same every single pull.

If your tanks are not confident in where they are moving to next it can quickly create chaos for the rest of your raid.

Outside of wicked stars and moving in to befouled barriers dps should barely be moving at all.

Perhaps some positioning rework and tank conversation is in order.


Anduin is an end boss. It’s designed to be tough. Ignore the chads saying your raid team is just bad. Not everyone is going to burn through the content in just a couple of months.

Without looking at your logs to see where you all are having the most difficulty with it’s tough to tell you what’s up with your raid team. Where are you wiping the most? Is everyone alive in the LK phases or the 3 add phase? Are the cc’ed and stars not breaking the cx? Are you killing the dispairs & doubts in the kingsmourne phase?

Where is it your raid team is having the most trouble?


Took us over 100 pulls to kill Anduin on heroic, but on normal that fight really shouldn’t be all that hard.


don’t bite. they’re just an inconsiderate human.

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Our guild got stuck on him on heroic for awhile. But normal you guys should down him fine, even though he has been overtuned.

Anduin is actually quite the boss, the leap in difficulty between him and the previous is hilarious

Especially on normal, cuz then you just go and 1 shot dread and rygelon afterwards