Ancient Teachings should be Smart Healing

Just like the title, AT should be Smart healing.

Hitting a nice Rising Sun Kick and seeing it overheal for pretty much all of it is NOT satisfying. I am astonished how a lot of people dispise this suggestion saying that the game is going to do everything for them. Giving AT smart healing will fix: clunkiness, mana issues by using other spells to fix AT healing the 99% hp tank instead of the 50% hp dps, easier = more accessible for others to play mw = more players = more feedback and so on.

Wanting to get better yet refusing any change except flat % buffs is the reason MW is at the bottom.

Secondly, the MW community is also divided into two groups, caster and melee playstyle. Fistweaving is indeed (looking at logs) objectively better yet caster seems to have an uprising and more people start using this playstyle. Somehow the fistweavers are absolutely pissed about this, looking for every opportunity to crap on while casters are lying to theirselves thinking it is soo much better than fistweaving.

F this rivalry and give feedback towards both playstyles instead of pushing others down. The upcoming 10.0.5 buffs are nice for both builds but wanting to gimp yourself by not wanting AT to become smart heal because you “like it when you heal someone when it does not work” is making YOU the problem with this mentality.

“AT already heals soo much it will become OP!!!” then make it heal less but be smart healing. Being a healer is having the situation under control, keeping everyone alive and letting AT take the wheel on a good chunk of that is straight rng and not satisfying.


This feels like a Sunday post.

Do you even have a monk?

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Every time this comes up the answer is usually, ‘you should be casting a heal if a dps needs healing like this’. The logic of AT is that it allows for passive healing, triaging still takes actual casting to do.
There is a discussion to be had that the AT playstyle needs a single target heal (even a targetable expel harm would make the build feel more complete) that doesn’t rely on Soothing Mist.

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Yeah I get that answer quite a lot too, but I feel like this kind of ‘‘flawed’’ way of rng healing should not be there from the get go. You have to basically fix the problem that AT should (kind of) fix. It is like getting a cake but not be able to eat it. Why? That is just where I am a bit weirded out on people accepting a flawed system from the beginning.

What if you are fighting doing your usual 3 stack blackout kick and rsk but during the fighting someone drops to 50%, wouldn’t be awesome if that person got healed while fighting instead of fighting → then seeing the person → then having to target him → and cast spell. It would feel so smooth if it healed the guy instead of it going to someone that doesn’t need it at all. You can offset this if it is too powerful by lowering the amount they get healed.

edit: it would also help this spec be easier as you have track sooo much (compared to the rest) especially while playing melee instead of sitting in the back healing. You should be rewarded putting so much effort to do less than almost all the other healers.

My major thing is I still mostly play by Legion+BfA M+ experience where dps was entirely a bonus thing. I’ve never had the habit to rely on AT for healing so the point of juggling dps and active healing just feels like the standard for me.

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for Fistweaver to be reliable and good with reactive heals,
(1) AT should be Smart Heal; OR
(2) make Vivify Instant

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Hot take:

Ancient Teachings is fine. I’d rather it heal for as much as it does, than be a smart heal for less. I’ll take a dumb 300K heal over a smart 150K heal any day of the week. Sure, i’ll get slapped 1% of the time by rng, have to use cocoon or something, the other 99% of the time i’m hard chilling.

Actually that’s less of a hot take and more of a, "if they reduce its healing but make it a smart heal it will no longer be viable.

Tip: BoK cleave when people are low, so it’ll top higher hp targets, or hit intended (+access hits heal intended), into an RSK for the still lower hp ally; instead of hedging your bets on a clutch RSK.

tldr; it’s perfect the way that it is.

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I agree.

AT would be much more fun if it was a smart heal. At least for dungeons.