Analyzing Mistakes in Arena

In this video I try to look at my gameplay as if it was someone else. It’s really easy to judge the mistakes of others but sometimes can be more difficult noticing your own mistakes. It feels really cringey watching all the various mistakes I make in arena, but if I don’t take the time to acknowledge them and correct them, I will never get better. I think this is an amazing way to try to improve your play/rating in arena. Hope it helps someone as much as it helped me.


This is good content, gl on R1


thanks might be able to do it if they don’t nerf gushing rofl

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ok but wat if u never make mistake

then wat


That’s your problem to figure out noob… The rest of us aren’t gods haha

Kudos to op. Ballsy

Super cringe to watch your own stuff. I tried doing it and I hate it lol. Glad to see/know other people are trying to do this. I’ll have to go back again. Gl on grinding for r1 the rest of the season dude

Recently started doing the same on my warrior. Definitely helps.

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if you never make mistake you can stroke your own ego and make sure you keep playing that way every game :slight_smile: or you could look at your teammates mistakes and call them out for being inferior to you

i just call myself a trashcan and use negative reinforcement to improve

very mixed results…

also good content


i can confirm teammates r the poop…

if i had any :frowning:

If you get R1 running gushings does it even count?

every team and their dad is running gushing… it’s like if everyone is taking steroids in the tour de france is it really cheating?

It’s all fun and games until you have a heart attack at 32

it runs in my family jimbo or i wouldn’t be alive so this just aint happenin :sunglasses:

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Do you review other people’s games? My damage has been terrible my past few sessions and I’ve had people tell me that as well from LFG this season. I’m getting out damaged by other SPs while trying to push 2.4, and I’m coming in last in damage a lot. Looking to see what I’m doing wrong.

Press VT harder bro.

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Nice one dude

I just need to say that you have an S-tier rogue name.

Nice vid OP. I’m wanting to start learning arena once I get geared up and this is an excellent idea.

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Thank ya.

I had it without the accent but then switched servers and then switched back and lost it. RIP

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strokes invisible fu man chu
I feel this in my heart

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