Analysis [A] [PVP] Classic NZ Semi-hardcore Raiding 7-10.30pm Wed/Thur NZT YES New Zealand Time!

(Pocketbacon) #1

Oceanic New Zealand and Australia (and around about there)

Alliance {OCE} GMT+12


pocketbacon#1282 add me and send me a msg :slight_smile:

Guild Focus - Semi Hard Core- PVE but also have allot of Keen PVPers with some CLassic High Warlords leading a team focusing on that so all round guild.

NZ times raiding guild 7-10.30 pm New Zealand time Wed/Thursday optional Sunday for farm.

so thats 5-8.30 AEST I think good for Ausys that get home early

Link to our Discord here let me know if interested and post a welcome msg
http s:// << Remove the space before the s to join (https)

Anyone that was in the Guild ArtofWar in Vanilla shout out to your GM Arcon orc Shaman :camera: (was Hord)We have several Mythic raid leaders from hard core prog guilds (Frostmorne Alliance)

Also NSFW guild with brutal jokes and such just dnt be a dick.

Loot will be a mixture of loot council with monitoring system

Looking to Level Semi Fast 4-8 weeks on average but casuals are more than welcome

The server we are on will be announced in the discord

We aim for a super fun raid environment with lots of banter.

We expect all members to play fair and well with all players on the server and not be a troll or ninja you will be kicked guild reputation means something.

Come join and talk with us until classic is out!!

(Swordblazer) #2

Kiwi Raid Times !!!


I can’t wait!


Yea So exited I miss classic so much!!!


We have around 30 people keen to lv and raid come join the fun and maybe us Kiwis will have one guild that raids at decent times!!


Still Looking for All Classes but especially Tanks and healers!!


Only 75 days to go now!

(Swordblazer) #8

need pallys !!!


Kiwi raid times yes pls


Lol were at 69 Members what a magical number !!