< Analysis > [A] [Arugal] NZ/AUS Semi-hardcore Raids 7-10.30pm Wed/Thur NZT 5-8.30 AEST


Yea So exited I miss classic so much!!!


We have around 30 people keen to lv and raid come join the fun and maybe us Kiwis will have one guild that raids at decent times!!


Still Looking for All Classes but especially Tanks and healers!!


Only 75 days to go now!

(Swordblazer) #8

need pallys !!!


Kiwi raid times yes pls


Lol were at 69 Members what a magical number !!

(Swordblazer) #11

poop i want Thunderfury !!!


yea good luck with that , evey man and his dog will be after that puppy


Not long now very exited after playing the beta its smother than butter!!!


surprise bush sex smooth?


I love Suprise sex, almost as much as suprise mechanics.


LFM classic wow its so worth it


Got a great team of Kiwis and Ausy players keen to dominate classic in all forms both PVE and PVP


Hovering around 30 raiders allready and around 40 casuals , want to have a full team ready for when classic comes out!!!


Need rogues lol who would have thought@@@


Pvp servers are looking like the only way to go for the true experience


Wish We had Old School Av for 10 hour battles


I will invade the horde lands and set up camps for the ones that surrender


Cannot wait to do a hell of a load of PVP we will be running premades every night except raid nights!!!