An Update on Que Times after Hotfix

Just as a little update from the Herod que (yep I’m a narcissist with narcissist friends) I began at about 12:15 CST at 10.6k in que. Estimated time was about 8 hours T_T
Now, 2.75 hours later, I am at number 3390 and dropping fast. About 20 minutes ago I dropped from 6700, to 4500 in less than 10 minutes.
So it seems the hotfixes are rolling out as we speak.

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Can anyone else confirm?


I didn’t see any hotfixes that would reduce someones queue time. Can you point out what changes were made that would lessen your queue on Herod?

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More people logged in at once! Hooray for the atrocious lag in Barrens right now. It’s almost like they got rid of layering entirely for Barrens.

Was not aware of this. Thank you.

So, you have been in que for 2.75 hours, and you are only halfway through the que, and you say the problem is solved.


I dropped 3k in a hour.

but the next 3k might take like 4 hours so who knows lol

On Incendius I started @5200 and within 30-40min I’m down to 1500 and falling quickly.

I was worried at first it was a one time dip or something, but I think I’ll get through 5k queue in about an 1:10, maybe less.

Edit: Jumped in queue ~3:10 pm @5200, playing at 4:05 pm

No change on incendius since hotfix announcement.

It’s been 4k+ since about 2pm est

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Before and after:
imgur .com/reMJpFY 12:05pm
imgur. com/wQ9n60u 2:50pm.

No, the problem isn’t completely solved, but it has helped alot. Many of the servers with ques of about 3-5k I imagine have dropped down to almost nothing. Was just giving a heads up. May the odds ever be in your favor.

I still propose this as a temporary fix and then offer free transfers, and once the population has thinned to a reasonable level then lower realm cap again.

EDIT: As I was typing this I went from ~3k to 1998. Woot!!!

Whitemane went from 7k que to 3k que in an hour

thats pretty big

Still not in Stalagg, therefor it’s not fixed

(I haven’t had coffee today)


Glad to hear the hotfixes are working. When the population drops off in the next few weeks, they can remove it and see where we are :slight_smile:

You are sitting in a 3 hour que in the middle of the day.

What do you think it will be like on primetime or the weekend?

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Seems to be down to about 2k now. Certainly better than yesterday this time.

@Bandetx I understand, which is why I’m glad I’m off wednesdays and thursdays :slight_smile:
hahaha… I got to work through the initial launch gorefest, now I shall have my time :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:

Well I’d imagine that all parties involved would want the issues resolved by the weekend.

Whitemane has had a 6-7k drop in que, but were still looking at 6-8k People in the back so the effect of the hotfix might not have been as great over here.

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smell my finger