An RP social experiement, Horde-Alliance leveling

The focus of this will be to level fresh characters from 1 to 60 as a pair, one of the Alliance faction and the other as the Horde faction; most likely coming to meet and really get going in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

I am planning to do this myself in a month or two, multi-boxing manually with two PCs, but I wanted to get this out on the forums and alert the community.

If I do end up running this myself, it will start around levels 20-23, and then progress from there with a focus on just killing mobs.

I will also be looking into streaming it in some way, another thing I have not done, or at least recording the progress when the two characters finally start going out together.


If one was priest you could at least spam MC to prevent ganks and buff the other. Could have one have engineer mind control cap to buff in return. Also make a guild with similar looking name on each one.

That is a good idea, but, well, maybe I am thinking too much into the RP part of the server since the PvP has scarred me a fair amount.

I have two ideas for it: forsaken priest and human paladin (siblings), or forsaken warlock and gnome warlock (formerly human teacher risen and continuing to tutor).

A third idea was female orc shaman and male human mage (genderswap Jaina-Thrall power couple).

As for the PvP, I was just going to let that fall where it will. I am not going to go out of my way to prevent it, but I will announce in general chat on both sides what I am doing to hopefully lessen the chance of having to run one character back to the other.

Or make the Rp a comedy: A Tauren and a Gnome a’la Schwarzenegger/DeVito in Twins


I’ve never seen that movie, but I do like the idea of a comedy.

Maybe I will do the warlock pair, partly for survival when grinding and partly because I can think of some funny circumstances.

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/Laugh…*You hear the unmistakable sound of a giggle “Forsaken Style”

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Finally update on this.

I will be starting early April, classes will be forsaken warlock and human paladin, initial meeting will be hillsbrad foothills when both are level 22.

The story behind this will be brothers born in Westfall, one having died and brought back to life and the other having sought comfort for the lose in the Light.

As far as plan goes, I’ll be sticking to the Hillsbrad and Arathi areas, then moving to Stranglethorn, and finally either the Blasted Lands or Winterspring.